Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pick Your Giveaway Gift!

Lately I've been feeling pretty boring. I have to make a profile which is basically a scrapbook of our family to show the birthmothers that come into our adoption agency. You see, the birthmother actually chooses our family. She tells the agency what kind of family she would like to place the baby in and then they give her the scrapbooks that fit her criteria.

Well, one of the things we have to fill out in the scrapbook is our hobbies. I have one. Reading. And while I love to read, that doesn't sound very exciting as say, a mom who skydives or some other ridiculous thing that I would never do. I guess my other hobby would be schooling the kids and cleaning the house because that is what I do all day, but that's not very exciting either. So, if I can't be all that "with it" maybe I will have friends who are. So, this is what I want you to do.
To enter the giveaway: Just leave me a comment telling me what you like to do. It can be anything, I just want to get to know all my readers better. Also, if you have a blog and write a blurb about my giveaway and link to me you can get another entry. Just leave me another comment telling me that you did. You can get up to two entries. Anyone can enter.

Here is what you can win:

1. You can pick your gift card of $10 to Target, CVS, or LifeWay (a local Christian bookstore here in AL). And,

2. An American Heritage Girls Cookbook modeled here by the lovely Abbie. Our troop put this together and it really is a great cookbook. It has real food that real people would cook and eat. (136 pages).


3. A surprise gift based on what you tell me your hobby is.

If you don't have a blog where I can reach you please leave your email address in the comment section. I'll leave this up till Friday night at 5:00 and then Abbie will draw a winner.

Can't wait to hear what fun things you do!


  1. Well, in ALL my exciting spare time I like to sew. I like to make quilts and I am brand new into embroidery. I also love to read and take trips to Wal-Mart and Target. If I feel really sassy, I'll sometimes get my hair done. BEAT THAT LADIES!

  2. Lately my hobby has been blogging!!! Mainly since that is all I have time to do! I was into scrapbooking and loved it!! I have to say I was pretty good at it too, but I just don't have enough time for it as much now!!

  3. Mama Hen!
    Thanks for dropping by today! I love meeting new people.
    Hmmm. What do I like to do. Do I have a limit as to how many? *tee hee* I love to blog, I sew, I garden, I love hiking, camping, journeying in (almost) any way shape or form. I love all animals, my grandbabies, my (grown) children, and my darling Gentleman Farmer! That is a few things. I will stop there so others have some room to comment. :~}
    Oops! Forgot to say, I would like to enter your give-away!

  4. My favorite thing to do lately is to go bike riding at Calloway. They have the best bike paths and the scenery is just beautiful ! I also love to make curtains, relax on the beach and read a great book, and sit and laugh with my friends.

  5. I love that you get to put together a scrapbook about your family! In my spare time, I USED to scrapbook - now it's just albums. Let's see, I love to hike, camp, canoe, whitewater raft (one more year before the littlest chickie can go!!), I am a history fanatic and love to research stuff. I like to decorate and re-decorate. And read. Alot.

  6. What fun!! As you probably already know, I love to sew and quilt and stitch.. and like you - I love to read.
    I used to scrapbook.... but moved on to quilting :)

  7. I LIKE to do a lot of things, but they don't all always make it into my little schedule (ahem, understatement).

    I like to be with my hubby and children, visit with friends, read, write, study the Word, communicate about it, garden, and travel.

    I will add that ONE day, I want to crochet and quilt.

    Once upon a time I liked to exercise and go to the beach. I think the reason I don't like to exercise anymore may be why I don't like to go to the beach anymore. . . .

    I would love to enter if that is allowed! :-)

  8. Oh come on, Wendy - all you need to do is creatively describe your hobbies. See if these help:
    "Extreme youth combat/wrestling referee"
    "Techician: First-Aid for Farmers"
    "Domestic Fowl Support Administrator"
    etc. etc.

  9. Sister! I am SO NOT making fun of your Gardening 101 class (as Rebekah called it)!

  10. I have too many hobbies to be very good at any of them. What can I say? I like diversity! that I LOVE, and it serves my family well, is BAKING, and eating of course, yummy treats. I collect cookbooks (real ones that have real people ingredients) and the dessert section is always the most worn out with splatters of things on the pages. They are well-loved. I love the feeling I get in creating something delicious and sharing it with friends, and I love that this is something I can do with my girls. I hope they grow to love it too, and not just the finished product!

  11. Surprisingly (to everyone who's ever known me - myself included)I really enjoy taking care of our farm animals. I've never been a big animal person and never really cared if we had pets or not. But for some reason our farm animals are different, I don't know why. I really enjoy feeding, watering, getting hay, etc.
    PS I LOVE to read
    PSS Mothers shouldn't skydive, I'm just saying.

  12. Great giveaway!!
    And you DO have another hobby - duh - blogging!!!! That better be a hobby, anyway, because it's my main one!

    So, if blogging isn't a hobby, then I'm more boring than you. I just spend the rest of my time playing with a two year old, photographing a two year old, and working during naptimes. Although I do play guitar (my hubby and I met playing guitars and singing in a band), it's been in "furlough" for a while.


  13. Great giveaway!!
    And you DO have another hobby - duh - blogging!!!! That better be a hobby, anyway, because it's my main one!

    So, if blogging isn't a hobby, then I'm more boring than you. I just spend the rest of my time playing with a two year old, photographing a two year old, and working during naptimes. Although I do play guitar (my hubby and I met playing guitars and singing in a band), it's been in "furlough" for a while.


    p.s. - I'm going to include a blurb about your giveaway in my Say it Forward Friday post tomorrow morning!

  14. SO many things I LIKE to do!! Hmmmm...what should I say is my fave...brandon and I have been canoeing and rafting and really had a good time and want to go again. Granny and Granddaddy instilled a love of camping that i will NEVER outgrow - love it! Guess thats' it.

    I am SO going to try to do a link. Going now to figure it out. Enter me twice!! Of course I'll confirm that I successfully linked before you enter me again!

  15. Okay, confirmed! I came to your blog through my link! Woohoo!

  16. Honestly, I'm pretty boring!

    This year I've managed to combine some of my hobbies:
    collecting curriculum
    learning new things

    baking and cooking
    tea (collecting tea pots, having tea with scones or cookies while reading "living books")
    shopping at the thrift store for bargains(I have 5 kids and my husband is a minister/teacher, what can I say?)
    walking (that's more of an "I want to lose some baby weight thing," though)--when the kids finish their school work and the weather is nice I like to go nature walking!
    oh, and playing games--board games, Spades, etc.
    snuggling with my kiddoes while--um, can I say reading again? I'm beginning to see a theme here--I told you I am boring!
    before I had little ones I used to cross-stitch and maybe I'll get back to that one day--after I get used to my progressive bifocals, and my kids are all bigger

  17. Hello there! I found your blogg via Rachel at "Grasping for Obj...etc."!
    My husband is a college pastor and we do not have children of our own, so I love to hang out with "my kids", i love to read anything i can get my hands on, i love to decorate, and scrapbook.
    thanks! your blog is great! looks like you have a really sweet family!

  18. Hi There!! This is my first time visiting your blog. I am one of Jennifer's friends and her link worked...that's how I got here! So anyway...what do I like to do?? Well I love to blog, I like selling stuff on ebay, and I also love to go camping!!
    Now I am going to go put a link to your blog on mine so don't forget...enter me twice!!

  19. Hi! I came over by way of Rachel's blog (grasping for objectivity). I would love to be entered in your giveaway! Let's see...I LOVE to read; I used to love to scrapbook but don't have as much time for it now; I love working on jigsaw puzzles; and I also play the flute and love to sing!

  20. This is my first time visiting your blog. I heard about you on Carrie's site.

    I think my favorite thing to do is read, but other things would be photography, cooking and baking.

    I don't leave the house a lot and am not very active, so I can't say thing like "kayaking, wall-climbing, swimming...".

    Oh, and I love watching Biggest Loser!!!!

    Now you know nearly all there is to know about me. hehe!

    Your $10 gift card choices are great!

    Oh, I posted about you on my blog at

  21. I love to make soaps and candles but have not done that since I have gotten sick. I think it is about time I start back.
    I am sorta new to blogging and love it.
    And it goes without saying I LOVE being a mommy.
    That cookbook looks so neat.

  22. BTW, we adopted our 14yr old son when he was 7wks. We had to make a scrapbook for the birthmother to use in picking us out, too!