Thursday, June 24, 2010

Photo Catch Up

Special Friends

Sweet Girls
Yummy Blackberries

Someone got into the peanut butter again.

In other exciting news; I cleaned off the top of my fridge today. Sometimes it is good to be short. Ignorance is bliss.

Oh, and when I was cleaning behind the microwave I found the Father's Day present I got for my daddy last year. Please tell me I am not the only one who does this?


  1. Oh my his face.......

    I'm delaying cleaning the top of my fridge, I'm sure it's horrid.

  2. Yes, ignorance is bliss... And you're obviously your mother's girl. Remember how she used to always find our Christmas presents from the previous year in August???

  3. OKay, you're making me realize I haven't been to the top of our refrigerator in ages!!!! We have a very tall one so not many people can see on top of it, thankfully! I will climb the chair tomorrow!

    Cute picture of your son!

  4. Totally with you on the bliss of ignorance:) Be sure to check out my blog today!!

  5. Great Build a Bear pic, I hate taking pics in there, everything is so yellow that it messes with the white balance in my camera!! Looks like fun!

  6. At least James didn't make near the mess he did last time :)

    That's hilarious that you found that gift, at least you don't have to buy a gift for him next year!

  7. Hey congratulations on being a winner:) Don't you just love that?! When my brother pulled your name, my first comment was "I hope this won't look fishy since I recently won from her" but he declared it perfectly legit:) He knew nothing...and I'm thrilled for you. Can you please send me your address?? Thanks a bunch - and, yes, please join the Friday with Friends in the morning. Looking forward to it.

    my email is

  8. Sweet pictures (and yummy berries!) My excitement today is cleaning out the inside of my refrigerator!!

  9. James is hilarious. That boy loves some peanut butter!!

    And why did you have to hide YOUR dad's present behind the microwave? I mean, it's one thing to hide your husband's present, but unless your Dad is super nosy or very adamant about searching for his presents, I'm confused... :)

  10. Oh Rachel, bless your heart. You have no idea the workings of my house. I did not purposefully put it there. That is just where it ended up! :)

  11. Those blackberries are fruit-tastic! And his lil' pb-face is fun!