Monday, October 6, 2008

And Good Monday Morning To You Too!

This morning was a homeschool mom's dream. The house was still reasonably clean from our mad cleaning spree Friday and things were moving right along. We were all in good moods and ready to learn. I put James in front of Sesame Street and he was good to go. He sat in his little red rocking chair and stared at Elmo like nobody's business. I sat at the table and worked with Abbie on her phonics and reading and she even asked if she could read more than required. I began to smell something strange, but couldn't quite figure it out. We went back to work. Tyler suddenly yells, "Mom, come quick!" And then I saw this.

Yes, that's peanut butter, and the kids learned a very important science lesson in school today: Peanut butter is easy to put on and hard to take off.

(Don't you love his look, like "Did I do something wrong here?")


  1. Oh my goodness!! That's all I can of those, "Do I laugh or do I cry" moments!! Although, he really does like cute - so innocent!

    I saw you were going to walking with Mrs. H and the did it go?


  2. Well. . .at least you had snack time covered? LOL!

    You are laughing, right? :-)

  3. Yes, I did laugh! Might as well. And he did look so sweet, like "I was just getting my own snack Mom."

  4. I mean, I love peanut butter and all... but that's a little much!

  5. Oh no. Oh my. That is a 'take a deep breath and do not lose it' moment for me. Bath time and snack time combined! Yikes!

  6. Hee hee hee!!! Oh my goodness!!
    And the look on his face is priceless!

  7. This is just too funny!!! I could not imagine!!! My little one likes to explore when I'm working with my oldest too!!! Oh the joys!


  8. Hi,

    Thanks for coming over to visit my blog today. I am still just getting it all figured out, but I am loving it! It's so fun to begin to have the memories of days I'm sure I would have forgotten.

    The baby looks cute in that color! Oh my goodness.....I'm sure he was fun to clean up!

    I almost posted a comment further down about your son "the climber." Our first born sons sound oddly similar! Bossy (I mean a future leader), compassionate....that's mine in a nutshell too.

    Many blessings to you.


  9. Oh I LOVE this picture! And now I am even more enriched to know the story behind it. Sweet, sweet boy. . . I love it!!

  10. The fact that you had presence of mind to go get the camera instead of, say, a water hose and a wet noodle, says a lot about your patience and temperament. What a good mom and a big mess!

  11. "Staring at Elmo like nobody's business!"

    That is great:)

  12. :)

    Oh wow.
    I'm pretty sure the pb was on par with the stamp pads...
    Had to come check out your story.

    Side note--LOVE your CS lewis quote below...just shared it on FB. He's a favorite, but I hadn't read that quote before...

    Thanks for sharing our messy-story :)

    Kara @ The Chuppies