Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"When the last drop of soup was gone, and the last crackers divided and crunched, there were hot biscuits with honey, and dried raspberry sauce. And then a big dishpan full of tender salty popcorn, that had been keeping hot on the back of the stove.

That was the New Year's dinner. It was light, but filling. There was something fashionable about it because it was so odd and new, so different, and so daintly served on Mrs. Boast's pretty dishes and brand new tablecloth."

From By the Shores of Silver Lake, by L.I. Wilder

I hope all of you have a lovely last day of 2008 and are able to welcome 2009 in with your family and friends. We are running errands today (one which is the library, so that is a good thing) and then we will settle down for the night. Mark has to work very late on the last day of the year and I'm sure I will be sound asleep when the ball drops. But, I love being cuddled up in my old quilts, reading a good book, and then hearing my Sweet Hubby turn the back door knob. It is all well then and tomorrow he will be off!


  1. We are off to the library today, too. I think we may spend the evening watching Gone With The Wind and cuddling under cozy blankets, eating popcorn until chickies fall asleep and need carried to bed.

    Have a very, happy new year!

  2. Wish we could go back and spend some time with Laura for about a week. I'm sure it would make us better women.

  3. We're staying warm under warm quilts and by the heat of a wood stove here, too. We're also Little House fans, but we had a hard time deciding whether to do a unit study on Little House or Narnia, when we were recently offered one by Cadron Creek. We wound up choosing Narnia. We are midway through The Magician's Nephew and enjoying new Earl Grey tea (which keeps you warm in this cold weather)! I'm thinking about making Turkish Delight soon . . .