Saturday, November 27, 2010

Well, all the family has left and are driving home. The house is quite and Mark and the children are out working in the yard. Abbie, James, and I went to the library this morning and as we got off on the Hoover exit James said, "Momma, why aren't all these people in their homes?"

My sentiments exactly. I love love love being in my home.

I have my library books and I am about to fix some apple cider and sit down and look through them. I actually love to get our history books and then come home and look through them and plan and organize. None of my children really like history like I do and they don't get as excited. They will still learn though. That's part of life-not everything can be exciting all the time.

Mark is starting to tear down our old barn today. It is sort of sad to me. It needs to come down, it is falling in and is dangerous, but something in me just hates to get rid of the old. The big kids know not to get near it, but James is only four and you can't depend on a four year old to obey or make wise decisions. And Mark is planning on us getting some goats so we need a new barn.

Tonight we are bringing back our family movie night. The Christmas Story-to get the season kicked off. I picked up some Eggnog for our movie night treat. After supper the kiddos shower and get their clothes ready for church. I clean up the kitchen and get James bathed. And then we all settle in. There is usually some argument between Child Fuss and Child Fight over who is going to sit where and and some whining because Child Fuss has his toes over the imaginary line on the couch, and then we sit and watch our movie. And then the kids go off to bed and if Mark and I are still awake we might watch another one kids free.

Do you have any great weekend plans?


  1. That all sounds lovely, except for The Christmas Story. One of my all-time least favorite movies :) But other than that, pure loveliness!!

    My weekend plans consist of my water breaking and having a baby.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't look like God got the memo.


  2. Sounds divine. We started Christmas Vacation during naptime but Ava woke up, so off it went. Then Ava went to play in my closet and we both fell asleep, only to awake to her slurping a juice bag she helped herself to (a no-no) right in front of us. Wasn't even mad, it was too cute :) Sleep, planning school for the next few weeks and our library trip will round out our restful weekend.

  3. Your evening sounds like more fun than mine! :)

    Today we went to Academy and bought 3 of us new athletic shoes then to Sam's Club and bought groceries and ate enough samples to call it "lunch." Then we came home, unloaded groceries, and I bought a few homeschooling things through the Black Friday sale at The Old Schoolhouse Store while Scout delivered Trail's End popcorn, again. Scout and Doll sorted and loaded popcorn to deliver at church tomorrow.

    Then, I made turkey-veggie-noodle soup with the turkey carcass, we ate the last of the pies, and my honey gave our boys haircuts and we're finishing up the baths now! :)

  4. I must say that I'm with Rachel on The Christmas Story thing, not a big fan of it :) But, some hot apple cider & a Christmas book sounds great!