Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Castle Has Been Restored To More Normal Levels Of Messiness

First, Happy Birthday to my brother Del! I know he is too cool to ever read my blog, but maybe someone will tell him I mentioned him.

This morning I woke up and declared this a Big Cleaning Day. I have been working all week on the garden and freezing my tomatoes so the house had gone to shambles. There was clutter everywhere. I really did not want to clean today. I wanted to eat brownies and read the new library book I had gotten. But, I tried to psych myself up and tell myself what a privledge it is to be a keeper at home whether I feel like it or not. Because it is.

Well, by 9:00 I could tell that James was going to be handful today. He is cute and sweet, but he is also 20 months old. He decided it was his duty to counteract whatever work I was doing. His diaper burst before I could change it this morning and all that absorbancy powder was all over the living room. He was carrying of one Abbie's Littliest Pets around and decided it needed cat food to eat. Oh my, cat food was everywhere. It was in a box that was supposed to be child-proof, but I guess it was not toddler-proof. All I can say is "Thank goodness for Sesame Street and Barney!"

The older kids had very good attitudes about helping today, which was good because they were going to help anyway and they got lots done. We vaccuumed, dusted, dust-busted, swept, carried loads of garbage out and cleaned the bathrooms. I am happy to say I would not just DIE if anyone came tonight to visit. Of course no one will, because they wait until I have been sick for a couple of days and the house is a total diaster.

I was working in the kitchen and Abbie came in to tell me that Lulu was under the bed. Lulu is a wild bird my son can catch from the birdfeeder. Matt has always loved animals and he really does have a way with them, but this is amazing. He can walk up to the birdfeeder, hold out his finger, and the bird will jump on it. Well, he got her today and brought her in the house. I guess if I can handle a chicken coming in occasionally I can handle a little bird. Lulu decided to explore and went under Abbie's bed. It took awhile to get her out, but finally Matt did.

Later, Matt and Abbie were watching SHREK and I walked through the room. I started dancing to the music. When they were younger they would always get up and dance with me. Today, Matt said "Momma, what are you doing?" Abbie said "Mom's just being embarrassing."
Matt and Lulu

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