Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Lazy, Rainy Day

Today was a somewhat relaxing day at home. This morning Abbie and I made muscadine jelly. She is such a good helper to me. She loves to mush up the muscadines. The kids argue over who gets to do it, but today was Abbie's day.

After lunch James got tired of sitting in his high chair and threw his plate. Syrup from his fruit cocktail went everywhere and I slipped in it. Down I went and hard. Both legs went in different directions and I went down in a very unladylike way straight on my bottom. I just sat there stunned. The kids came running over and I thought, "Well, I'm stuck here, this is where Mark will find me when he gets home." I managed to get up, but boy I hurt. My whole spine felt like it had been jammed up in my head. My neck and shoulders were hurting too. You know, it is very different falling when you are 35 than when you are 15! Much harder to get up.

After that I was down for the count. I did get some peas frozen, but that was all. Thank goodness for the older kids because James has been WILD since he got up from his afternoon nap. He is running and throwing and acting very much like a WILD toddler. I can't really pick him up or anything so he is just going WILD. Have I mentioned he is WILD today?!!!!

After we get James in the bed we are going to watch Wipeout! and wait for Mark to get home. That is the funniest show! He has been in Savannah and will get home tonight. We will be glad to see him. I'm off to take more Ibuprofin. I have a feeling it may be worse in the morning though...

Matt wanted me to put a picture of Charlie, his pet fish on the blog. So introducing... Charlie

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  1. Oh no! You poor thing! I do hope you won't be too bad tomorrow. Get a good sleep and take that ibuprofen!