Monday, August 4, 2008

Whew! I'm Tired!

It has been a long day here, but a good one. There was the normal Monday Morning Mess (as Rebekah and I call it), and then I froze some green beans. The little girl I tutor came this afternoon and I was so tired it was hard to concentrate on fractions. We were both yawning. The kids and I vacuumed, cleaned one bathroom, and they cleaned their rooms and their zones. It's amazing to me how messy the house can get on a Sunday. I try to have everything picked up on Saturday night so it won't be so bad, but somehow it always gets cluttered again. After supper I picked beans and tomatoes. I just got through paying the bills and now all I want to do is go crawl in the bed.

Nothing exciting to post, but sometimes that is good. A nice quiet day.

PS I am hoping tomorrow night Mark can show me how to post pictures.


  1. I can't wait to see pictures! Yea!

  2. Ah, I can't wait to see pictures as well!
    Thanks for the explanation of black eyed peas and the link. I don't think we have them here, or if we do, we call them something else.
    I've just been looking at my favorite seed catelogue and making a wish list :)I'm looking forward to Spring!