Tuesday, September 23, 2008


These past couple of days have been filled with lots of things. School, errands, appointments, financial surprises (and not the good kind), and a long list to to-do's that haven't gotten done. I am usually a mess when life hands me a super-busy schedule. And anything to do with money usually sends me over the edge.

But today, the Holy Spirit and The Word was such a comfort to me. My flesh loves to play little phrases in my head like, "Things will never get any easier" or "All this is just too hard", but today all that has ran through my mind is, "He owns the cattle on a thousand hills." Psalm 50:10.

After we got back from an appointment I sat in the swing and watched James play. Today was about as perfect as perfect can be. I love autumn! Even the hot Southern ones! I looked around and thought to myself in amazement, "How did God think of all this?" I began to make a mental list of all the sounds and sights around me.

  • a periwinkle sky
  • crisp air
  • leaves just turning yellow
  • chickens clucking
  • Matt sitting in a tree writing in his notebook
  • James' blue eyes as he sat next to me on the swing
  • the children laughing as they played on the tire swings
  • a green cut field on one side of us and a yellow ragweed-filled field on the other side (pretty to look at, but not good for my sinuses in about two weeks)
  • dozens and dozens of birds at our bird feeders
  • turnip greens growing in the garden
  • pear trees still heavy with pears

I love cool nights, big orange moons, the sounds of the high school football game a couple of streets over, hot cider, pumpkin candles, colorful leaves, you name it, I love it about fall, (well, except for the sinuses part).

God was so good to give us the different seasons. Just as He gives us different seasons in our lives. He is still there, still faithful, still caring. The seasons change, but He never will.

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  1. I agree, Wendy. Fall is wonderful. (It's bitter-sweet, though, b/c I hate to see summer go.) Hannah says it is especially good b/c soon the mosquitoes will be gone, the wasps and bees soon to be gone, and when the snakes are gone, they can play in the woods more! They are already remembering all the "castles" waiting in the woods! :-) Benjamin even remembered and told the story yesterday of how he and Tyler got "lost" last year. He said they ended up in the neighbor's backyard! Oops!