Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Gatlinburg Groupies

Every year for, I don't know, forever, my parents and their Supper Club friends have gone to Gatlinburg in the fall. They stay in a big chalet together and they have their favorite places to visit. They play cards and chicken scratch and watch for bears. That's what they tell us kids anyway. I would love to be a cute little ladybug on the wall of that chalet and hear what they are really saying about all us though!

I hope ya'll are having fun Momma and Daddy, Mrs. Pat and Mr. Troy, Mrs. Rosemary and Mr. Mike, and Mrs. Karen and Mr. Ken!

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  1. Hey MamaHen  We are having a great time. Playing chicken scratch, rummicube, phase 10. Had our picnic today at the chimneys. Can't wait to get home and see my babies. Have a good day at CBS tomorrow. The Ladies love the salsa and say thanks. /love, Mamahensmama