Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yeah, I have always wanted to be tagged!
MamaHenClucks from Clucks From The Henhouse tagged me with a meme about My Seven Favorite Things in my Kitchen. It has a cute little button to put up, but I still do not a blogging mentor therefore I don't know how to display it.
So, in no particular order...

My MOMYS Cookbook, given to me for my birthday two years ago by Rebekah. I love it! I has 524 pages of real recipes that real moms cook. I use it a lot.

I bought the sign at a Yard Sale right after we moved here, the picture at Old Time Pottery for $5.99, and the basket from an Amish lady in TN.

My collection of chicken salt and pepper shakers and chicken measuring spoons. My Abbie made the cross for me.

Mark gave me this changing picture frame for my birthday last year. He is a wonderful gift giver and he always knows what I will love.

My Chicken Corner (yes, I really like chicken stuff). Also my Jan Karon cookbook. The pictures hung in my mom's old kitchen for as long as I can remember.
This was my Great-Grandmother's chicken. It was always in her kitchen.

And finally, my dishwasher. She's a hard-working old gal.

Now I tag,

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Can't wait to see what your favorites are!


  1. Where's the rooster poem?!?


    Just kidding! I promise! :0)

  2. I love all your chicken stuff! I think I'd like to come hang out in your kitchen. It looks cozy! Thanks for playing along!

  3. Oh what fun! I loved your kitchen. Thanks for the tag. When I get home from work tonight I'm taking pictures in my kitchen to post. It's my favorite room of my house - so cozy! And you won't believe my theme - roosters (ha-ha) - we must be kindred souls!

    Hugs, and have a blessed day.


  4. Thanks for visiting me! I enjoyed reading this favorite kitchen items right now would be peanut m&m's, resees peanut butter cups, Diet coke, the baby's pacifier, and my Excederin Migraine!

  5. Way cute background!

  6. Ha, ha. Love that you included your dishwasher. I have a confession... I also took a picture of my dishwasher but it is white and when I saw the picture I saw a smudge on it that needed to be cleaned off! LOL

    Great kitchen! Looks homey and inviting. =)

  7. Jan Karon invites you to visit her website at
    I think you will enjoy her site. The Mitford Cookbook is great and I love every one of her novels.