Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where IS that Maid?

It is the final countdown. Seven days until the social worker arrives to conduct our home visit.

So far the maid, the nanny, the cook, and the tutor have not shown up. If someone sees them please send them my way.

For now I am distracting myself from the chaos around here by looking at cute pictures. I thought I would share. They are the source of all this mess, but they sure are worth it.

(My friend Corla at All Things Are Possible took these great pics.)

And of course, there is my Sweet Hubby, who has been so encouraging to me this crazy day. He always has the right words, well, except for the time... okay, okay, we won't go there tonight.

Off to mop!


  1. The maid, the nanny, the cook, and the tutor. . . .I think I saw them having coffee together over at Starbucks. I couldn't convice them to follow me for coffee at my house. . . . . . .;-)

    Wonderful pics!

  2. How is it possible that the 4 most beautiful children in the world are all in our family????