Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cold Afternoons

"In the snug house Laura and Carrie helped Ma with the housework, and Grace played, running about the big room with toddling short steps. Whenever she was tired of play she climbed into Mary's lap, for that was the warmest place and Mary would always tell her a story. Listening to the stories, Grace would fall asleep. Then Ma laid her in her trundle bed by the stove, and they all settled down for a cosy afternoon of knitting and sewing and crocheting."

From, By the Shores of Silver Lake, by L.I. Wilder

Today is cold, wet, and dreary-looking outside. It is the perfect day to drink hot chocolate, rock the baby, and take afternoon naps. Find someone you love and give them a snuggle!


  1. I love the little house books. Cold afternoons are perfect for doing just that!

  2. It is a perfect day for drinking hot chocolate and snuggling!

  3. Wow that sounds so lovely, cozy and warm. SO much nicer than sitting OUTSIDE in Tuscaloosa (which seemed to be about 40 degrees colder than B'ham) ALL day. (Sigh) I'm jealous. Hopefully soon I will thaw.

  4. What a lovely day! We've had a few hot ones already, but thankfully this week is going to be nice and cool. I am going to enjoy it :)

  5. Enjoyed the white chicken chilli again today. Bigger Brother (who loves spicy foods!) said today, "Mrs. Wendy and I have the same perspective on spices!"

    You made a hit with him!