Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fun News!

Okay, I am crazy about my sister Jill (otherwise known as Aunt Sister in my comment section). We have always been the best of friends and I still love to spend time with her. She is hilarious, smart, beautiful, and just fun to be around. She supports me so much and she loves my children passionately. We have so much history together and we have some "laugh until your stomach hurts" stories to tell. My favorite is the time we got lost on the way home from my dad's office and ended up in the airport parking deck. Only thing is, we don't live anywhere near the airport! But I digress...

Well, my little sister has entered the Bloggy World! Please go visit her new blog and leave her one of your great comments. I can't wait to see all that she has to say!


  1. Wendy-the airport story is one of my favorites too!
    Kerrie McNeal

  2. Oh Wendy, you are took kind! I love you too - more than you'll ever know!