Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Go Read This!

Please find time to read this today! It might change the way you look at everything. .

Its the post by Missy at It's Almost Naptime!

In other news, today will be a day of mad rushes, and mad dashes, and scrubbing and bossing, and trying to see the big picture in the midst of the Ruckus ~ A New Baby Girl. Who I am falling in love with even though I haven't laid eyes on her. It still seems like a dream that she is out there, but I can't wait to meet her.

Home Visit tomorrow at 10:00 AM.

My sister was trying to calm my nerves one day about it and this is what she said, "Don't talk about your eyebrow plucking compulsion."

I will try to keep that in mind. I also hope the kids don't start telling their wild stories and happen to mention the time that two of them tried to pick their 3 day old brother up and dropped him. (He landed on a pillow and was perfectly fine). Or the time we forgot Tyler and left for church, or the time...

Maybe they don't need to talk at all after all.


  1. I'm not sure exactly about YOUR eyebrow plucking compulsion, but if it makes you feel any better, I definitely have one also! I LOVE plucking my eyebrows, and do it every night before bed because it is just so darn relaxing after a busy day! It's my wind-down time. My husband even asks me after a long day, "do you need some plucking time?". So there, Mama Hen's sister. It might not be so weird after all. Or maybe it is and we're just weird together.

  2. I am not opposed to eyebrow plucking - I even did a little of that this morning before work!! Sometimes it's just better to keep a lid on certain things at certain times. Good for the blog, not so good for the home visit....

  3. LOL!!! Just keep the tweezers in your pocket, and if you get a little (understatement) nervous during the visit, just excuse yourself to the closest mirror.

    OR. . . .as I would do, keep a bowl of chocolates and a can of Mountain Dew nearby! ;-)

  4. I love you Jill! You are the best Aunt Sister in the whole world!

  5. What a GREAT post by Missy! If I were an interviewer, coming into your home, I'd want to know that your family was fun and filled with laughter and joy and history! Good luck tomorrow! You'll be in my prayers!

    OK, totally random, my my word verification? Bushical. Is that like "Bushical the musical?" Is it supposed to resemble a real word?

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate that you took the time to also comment.

    Good luck on your Home Visit tomorrow! I will come back to read more of your blog soon!

  7. I'm posting this here as well as on my blog to make sure you get it.
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    Copy that (ctrl-C) and then go to the Mr Linky that you want to insert it and paste it (ctrl-P).

    Good luck!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog AND taking the time to comment. I love meeting new people. I see from your blog that we have several things in common! Yea! :)

    Have a great day!