Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Clarks vs the Griswalds

Sunday night we decorated our tree. But this year we did not purchase our tree at a lot. Nor did we use an artificial tree, (mainly because two years ago I got mad at our artificial tree because I could not find a good place to store it and it was scratching my arms and I threw it out. I know, totally rational thinking). Anyway, I realize now that was completely wasteful and I would not recommend that method to anyone. But, back to our homey Christmas story. This year Tyler cut our tree out of our pasture. We have trees surrounding the pasture and he picked it out and cut it down himself. It is a beautiful cedar tree and it is huge. The Griswalds have nothing on us. We had to put it in a 5 gallon bucket because it would not fit in a normal tree stand.

But we had a good time decorating and then had hot chocolate and watched Shanghai Nights because nothing says Christmas like Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan fighting the bad guys in 1860's London. Hubby and the kids are big Jackie Chan fans and actually this movie is pretty funny.

Here you can see the bucket behind James. It is now covered up with a Christmas tablecloth.
Here is Sweet Hubby holding the tree up as the kids ran to get more rocks to fill up the bucket.

James was very perplexed as to why we were bringing a tree into the house.


  1. I think it's great! I can't wait till Mom & Dad's on the 19th and Christmas at Granddaddy's!!!!

  2. Egad woman, the tree is not that big.
    I think it is a beautiful tree
    i sort of hate that you have posted pictures of it as it will undoubtedly ruin all of your gentle readers for all other Christmas trees.

    oh, and Tyler is the man, well after me anyway

  3. Looks like Tyler chose a good one!

  4. It is a beauty!! I love big trees - not exactly pratical in my townhouse but, oh well!

  5. What a tree! :)

    I have thrown things out before too, in a fit of well...rational thinking...and then later thought that was not so bright. LOL.

    Thanks for "finding me" on line. Glad to have discovered your blog as well.


  6. I may or may not have had the same type of tantrum and done the same type of thing to objects in my home! Your tree looks great! How fun that you got to cut your own from your own property!