Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cooking Day

Today I hope to be cooking throughout the day. And trying to keep James out of the presents. He figured out Saturday night at Nana's that you can open all those presents and now that's all he wants to do. And he's little and can be quite and sneaky so I have to be on watch at all times.

Congrats to my sista Jill on her second 5K. Girl, I am impressed! As soon as you get back from the gym tonight start cooking that delicious dip so we can just add those calories right back on at Grandaddy's tomorrow. Can you do extra excercise for me tonight so it will all even out on Christmas Eve?

Going to start cooking!


  1. All I have left to do today is bake banana bread and clean the house! Which I'm putting off by checking on bloggy land :)

    Have a WONDERFUL Christmas!

  2. Today is Closet Day for me. (I know that sounds crazy, but no one is coming to my house!) If having it all pulled out of the closet into the room is the first half, then I'm halfway finished! :-) But then I took a break and watched a Little House episode with the kiddos! Maybe I'll get back around to the second half soon!

    Wish I were cooking!

  3. cooking! Yum! I have the bread (meemaw got it) and I am trying to get a pecan pie made! See ya'll!