Friday, December 19, 2008


We have been enjoying Mark being off the past two days. But, he had to go back today. So today I will be playing catch-up on the house, bills, and Christmas wrapping. Yesterday was a good lazy day. I took Abbie to finish her shopping at the Dollar Tree. I LOVE me some Dollar Tree! I got 20 pencils for $1. As a homeschooling family you would think I would have dozens and dozens of #2 pencils all sharpened and lined up ready for school each morning. Not the case here. We cannot keep up with pencils and the ones we do have are sad. James has bitten the erasers off of most of them. Yes, weird I know. I'm pretty sure he is not eating them, just biting them off and spitting them out. I hope he is not eating them anyway. BUT, back to my original thought. After lunch Mark took the 3 bigs to the Art Museum. I put James down for his nap and then I took one! Wonder of wonders the phone did not ring for one hour and I got in a good nap. I also attempted fudge for the first time and even used a candy thermometer. It tasted good, but did not get hard. I put it in the fridge and last night we were finally able to get a bite.

Anyway, this morning I will clean up some and then this afternoon while James is sleeping I will pay the bills. It is a close call between which job I dislike the most: paying the bills or cleaning the fridge. I just did a big fridge cleaning job last week, but will have to do a mini one soon to get all the leftovers and such out before Christmas Day.

Off to get the kids going with their zones and such and then begin it all myself. I have already vacuumed this morning at 7:30 because a certain Pappa Rooster did not put the top back on the Chex Mix container last night and a certain little toddler dumped it out on the rug this morning. By the way when I asked him who did it he looked at me and at first said "Puppy." (his stuffed puppy he sleeps with). When pressed he looked very concerned and convincingly said "Nana."
I'm going to have to call and talk with Nana about this!


  1. OK, hilarious! Can't wait to see ya'll tomorrow!

  2. I love me some Dollar Tree too! I am right there with ya on paying the bills...I HATE paying bills!

    I hope that you have a terrific day accomplishing your list.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Personally, I HATE it when Nana dumps stuff on the carpet. Please tell her for me.

    I know you guys are having to turn on the AC to go look at lights, but it's currently snowing like crazy here. We're supposed to have several snow storms before Christmas, so feel free to come visit and we'll drive around with blankets and hot cocoa to see the lights. Military housing is always a sure bet for Christmas lights because they don't pay for power - it's Gov't subsidized.
    I miss you guys and wish I could be there this holiday season.

  4. First of all, Someone who shall remain nameless, fixed young James some chex mix and gave it to him using the lid to the chex mix.
    James being one of our kids and being true to this nature promptly lost the lid to the chex mix.
    because of this some certain papparooster did not have the lid anymore to put on his chex mix.

  5. I am glad Nana was the guilty party. Could have been me.
    Your favorite daddy