Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Who Needs A Toy?

Spanking Update: No one, not one person received one today!!!! Not sure about Matt's "feeling?" Maybe he will double up tomorrow?

Today was much better with school. No fits, tears, or anything. Everyone just sat down and did their work. Yeah!!!!

I did catch James playing with my water bath canner. This is an extremely popular item here at the house, which proves my theory that store-bought toys are unnecessary. I still buy them mind you, but the kids mostly play with household items or just outside.

Sorry, I couldn't get these pics to turn around, but you get the general idea. It was pretty funny to see him trying to walk around with that thing on his head. We would stand around and make sure he didn't run into something.

Sunday night we watched The Christmas Story and it was fun to cuddle up and see the kids laugh. Here is the famous Leg Lamp scene.
Also Mark's feet.
Tonight I'm going on a date with my hubby to buy the kid's Christmas presents. (Which is ironic I know considering what I wrote above). He is on his way home so I better go!


  1. YEA...thank the Lord for the one day a month that just goes smoothly!! Remember the old saying...the calm before the storm!! Just kidding -

    Have a great (and calm) WEEK!

  2. Hi there! Just sent you an email re: homeschooling:) My email address is lisluvsjesus10@yahoo.com

  3. Cute pictures!

    I hope that you enjoyed your date Christmas shopping.

  4. LOL! I'll bet he slept well after all that "exercise"!

    Don't you just love school days that go well?!



  5. No doubt...Schyler is getting nothing but old pots and pans and various sized boxes for Christmas.

    Guess you were the only one to comment on t.v., which I think proves we are right!

    Also, don't forget to vote! New poll!