Saturday, January 31, 2009

May I Rant?

Me: "May I rant a little?"
Myself: "Of course, its your blog after all."
Me: "Thank you very much."

Dear Walmart, Target, and all surrounding clothing and shoe retailers within 50 miles of me,

Will you please be so kind as to stock some merchandise for my SEVEN year old daughter that does NOT have Hannah Montana and High School Musical logos on it? My SEVEN year old daughter is SEVEN and not a teenager so she has no business watching teenage shows. Therefore, I do not want my SEVEN year old daughter to promote these shows by wearing their apparel. This may be perfectly appropriate for a teenager, but not for a SEVEN year old girl. Surely clothes can still be produced that do not contain these logos. Just a solid shirt would be nice, or some cute flowers or rainbows. Just something else. Please.

P.S. The green shirt (size 8) that says "I'm Your Lucky Charm" is not really appropriate for a SEVEN year old either.

Can you guess what Abbie and I did today?


  1. YIKES! I am NOT looking forward to buying clothes in a size with no "T" at the end of it. Ridiculous.

  2. Can I sign my name to the end of your letter? My girlie has just moved over to the big kid side and I must say - it's AWFUL. AWFUL. I never stop being shocked by what is marketed to my not yet five year old.

    About six months ago, I started shopping almost exclusively at the Children's Place for Chickie Girl. I discovered that by waiting for the sales, using the 15% off coupons I get and opening a Place Card (which saves an additional 10% each time you use it), I actually spend less than at Target or Walmart and don't have to contend with pop culture (as much). Basic t-shirts with butterflies and ponies. Long-ish shorts. Jeans, pajamas without Hannah Montana, you name it, but none of it inappropriate for little girls.

    Oooo- I totally wrote a novel. I just really, really hear you on this.

  3. She's right - you can get some really cheap stuff at Children's Place. And thrift stores, of course, but who has the time to search!?!
    Anyway...reading your blog has made me very excited about taking my girl to spend her Gap gift card.

  4. Can I just give you an Amen?! I'm so tired of seeing all of that. I'm tired of seeing provacative toddler clothes at Macy's. I'm tired of the world trying to sexualize a 3 year old. Hello people?! What happened to ribbons and Mary Janes??!! This is such a huge issue for me right now!

  5. Yeah, I am with you girl and I don't even have a girl (yet). Those shows are marketed to little ones who have no business watching that teenage, sassy,kissy, boyfriend friendly junk ! It is very sad to me when I hear of little girls watching and mimicking it. I could go on.....I feel very passionate about it like you ! Whatever happened to Little House on the sweet Prairie ?

  6. I totally agree Wendy and I run into this when shopping for my 5 year olds. You can get some good deals at Kohls also, but I am not sure that there is one near you. However, I am still in the 4-6 area, so their 7 and up maybe be totally like that also???

  7. Go to one of the big sales Macy's has throughout the year. You can get clothes without all that stuff for the same price!!! You can also shop their online clearance.

  8. I know what you mean! One of the biggest reasons why I saved clothes from my biggest girl (13) for my now 8 year old is because I'd searched the racks at the consignment stores to find the plain, the sweet, and the feminine, and I wasn't going to give them up to have to replace them all a few years down the road when I might not (and haven't!) had the time! If you like quality clothing that washes and wears well, btw, I found I really liked Hanna Anderson clothing, and I think they have sales--but I bought mine at the consignment stores. Those clothes wore well without fading or stretching, and they had some cute floral knits, too.

  9. Oh my - sounds like you're all RILED up! I'll be on the lookout for some cutie-pie stuff.

  10. I'm with you on this one too! I have taken to sewing Elizabeth's clothes because everything for her age (12) is tight and immodest. UGH! Why do parents want to see their little girls grow up so quickly? I mean, a lot of people do buy those clothes for their kids.. and follow the fashion... oh well, bring back the sewing lessons :)

  11. Realizing completely that I do NOT have this problem, May I volunteer that I experienced total shock and dismay when I passed through Boscov's "little girl" section and there were BRA'S hanging on racks next to the aisle. BRA'S!!!! Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the little girl section for "LITTLE" girls?????
    And yes, many of them had Hannah Montana on them, but many could have competed with Victoria's Secret patterns....

  12. my kids are grown up now.........waiting for the grand kids to arrive at some time in life...LOL

    I do find childrens clothes, espeically girls not at all like little girls should be.

    Here in Canada, Children's Place is recommended by many moms for their great pricing. I have been in a couple of time to get baby gifts and found their selection so much better and the pricing grea.

    Gill in Canada

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AH LEYLA AH Ah Marina Ah Meral Ah Ah Meryem... Ah Mihriban Ah Ah Muzeyen Ah Nadide Ah Necla Ah Nigda Ah Oh Iste Bu Sex Ah Olgun Kadinlar Yokmuu Beni olduruyor ! Ah ozge Ah Ah O Ela Gozlu Ah O Gece Varya.... Ah O Gun Ah O Gun Ah Ah O Iri Gogusleri Ah O Ne Gottu Ah O Yasli Adam..... Ah O Yasli Adam AH PELIN SU Ah Pelin Vah Pelin Ah Rus Kizi Ah Nerdesin Yokmusenin Sibi Ah Sarisin Afet Ahhhh Ah Seda Be Ah Selma Ah Selma Ah Ah Semra Ah ah serkan ah Ah Sevda Ah..!!! uc Ah Sevda Ah..!!! Bir. Ah Sevda AhBir Ah Sevda Ah Bir.. AH SEVGI Ah Sevilay Ah.. Ah su Dullar.. Ah su Olgun Kadinlar Ah Tugce Ah Ah Tugce Ahhhh Ah Turban Vah Turban Ah Turkan Hanim Ahh Ah Ulan Ah Ah Ulan Ebru AH ULAN HAMDULLAH Ah Voleybolcular Ah Ah Yagmur Ah AH YASEMIN ABLA AHH 2 Ah Yasemin Ah Ah Yaso Ah Ah Yengem Ah!!! Ah Yenge Ah Ah Zehra Ailemin Yuzunden Aylin Aile Baskisinin Sonucu Aile Dostumuz Aile Dostumuzun Kizi Gulcan Aile Dostum Gamze Ajans Ajlin Akcayda Dolu Dolu Aklimdan Hic cikmiyoo... Aklimda Kaldi Aklimi Aldi Aklimi Aldi Ve Yavruyuda Aklimi Basimdan Alan Stajyer Aklimi Basimdan Aldi... Aklini Kullan Akraba Warken Ne Uuurasion!!! Akşam Üstü Alanyada Alanyada Alman Sarisin Kizi Siktim!! Albatros Hikayeleri Alcinin sansi Aldatildim Aldatmanin Tadi aletini görünce ıslandım vee.. Alet Buyuk Olunca Meraklisida cok Oluyor Alevin Annesi Alevin Beyaz Amcigi Varya Alevin Vucudu Alev 2 Alev Alev Alev Mayosunu Giymeye Gitmisti aleynayi sikmek super Aleynayi Doruklara Ulastirmanin Zevki Aleyna Ile Sabah Ve Gece Inanilmaz Zevkler Yasarak Siktim. alisverise gelen bayanla Alisveristen Alisa ALIsVERIs ARKADAsI Ali Dedigini Yapti. Ali Ve Sevil allahım nasıl büyüktüüü Almanciyi Gezdirdim.. Almanin Esini Arabada Almanya Almanyada..! Almanyada Festivalde Almanyada Turk Kerhanesi Almanyada Yasadiklarim Almanyali Dostum Alman Kiz Alman Kiz ... Alperin Tercihi Altin Kumda Basladi Alti Yil Sonra 1 Alt Komsumuz Alt Komsumuz Nermin Teyze Alt Komsunun Kizi Alt Komsunun Narin Kizi.. Alt Komsunun Narin Kizi altımda inliyordu Amacima Ulastim Amanin O Ne Buyuk Got amcamin kizi Amcamin Dul Karisi AMCAMIN ELEMANINI HALAMIN YAZLIGINDA Amcamin Guzel Kizi Amcamin Karisi Genc Yengem Ve BEN Amcamin Karisi Ile Amcamin Kizi Amcamin Kizi Hanife Amcam Oglu Ile Erkek Erkege Amca Kiizm Amca Kizi Dedik Amca Kizi Otobuste Amca Oglu Ve Kizi AMCIINI BOLLARRTTIIIM Amcik Amcikli Amcik Super Ameleyle Bakkalda Amele Gencle Amerikada Bir Turk Erkegi Amerikan Misafirim Amimin Suyu Amimizi Dagatti Amimizi Dagitti AMIMI ILK SULANDIRAN ERKEK........ Amimi Kavurdu Amina Ipotek Koydum Amindan Akan Sulari Yalamak Zevk Benim Icin Askim Amini Patlattim Amini Yaladim Delice Amini Yardim Beee Amin Dayanilmaz Kokusu Amin Iyisi Kotusu Olmaz Amin Kizi Gulo Ami Gotu Harikaydi Ami Ilk Kez Yarildi