Friday, January 16, 2009


This has been a long week for us at the Chicken Coop. Battling with poision oak (a severe case for one and a light case for another), very cold weather that has kept my outside kids inside, a toddler who acts just like a toddler, school and fractions, and other assorted and varied things that will wear you down day after day. I'm not really complaining, really I'm not, but it's Friday afternoon and I am tired. So, I have no order to this post, just things to say.

1. If you have a good friend, that loves you and laughs with you and cries with you, consider yourself blessed beyond measure. This morning was hard for me. It was one of those mornings when you don't even know how to start. Rebekah called and encouraged me and spoke the Word of Truth to me. She is going through a very hard season in her life. Her mom is dying of cancer and is the hospital right now and she was encouraging me.

2. Here's some pics from the week.
Mark has gotten the kids hooked on Looney Tunes. When James hears the music on the laptop he comes running. They all crowd on top of him and then beg for "just one more."

James is so proud. He fed the cats himself. By pouring the whole entire box of cat food on the CARPET. Look how happy he is to be such a help around here.

Looking sweet reading his Elmer book. He better look sweet after the cat food incident.

James received a pretend shaving kit for Christmas and Abbie has had way more fun with it than him.

(I have no pictures of my Sweet Matt this week because he is covered up with the Curse as I am calling it right now.)

3. It is super cold here right now. All of us Southern folk do not like this. That is why we live here. Move on through cold front. Move. Mark's sister, Mollie, from Pennsylvania, is coming to visit his parents this weekend and she will be in for a rude awakening. Bring your big thick coat Mollie!

4. If you have cats please go to my sister's blog and see if you can give her help with her cat situation. Even if you can 't offer any assistance go anyway because it will make you happy that you don't have the cats she does.

5. My Tyler got his glasses this week. Can you say cuteness? Oh, my word. I know I'm his momma, but really folks.

I hope all of you have a most wonderful weekend with your families. It's supposed to be even colder tomorrow so I hope I can stay in and do some school plans and spend time with my hubby. He's Sweet, you know.


  1. Oh my word! Tyler is a cutie with the glasses!

  2. Tyler looks great! Tell him it makes him look like a 14 year old!

    OK, about the catfood! I would have just called those kitty cats in for a big feast! LOL! (That's what we do after mealtimes around here anyway. . . .:-)

  3. You are entirely welcome. Thanks for stopping by...

  4. Your kids are soooo cute! So sorry about the poison oak - I hear it's awful to deal with. Yuck! I'm gonna go see what your sister is doing with her kitty...

  5. I am so cracking up about your comment on my page! Matthew WOULD be the one to prepare the snakes! HA!

  6. it's 68 degrees outside.....some cold front.....

  7. Cold would be good right now. It would kill my garden, but I would love it! I could snugle by the fire and quilt.... :)I think I could happily live in Alaska, all year round....!
    Hope you had a relaxing weekend,

  8. Hi wendy, I did change my blog address a week or so's now

    But sadly,no, I don't operate a personal loan company...wish i did though!

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Gul Teyzeyle Ilk Kez GuL YENGEMM Gunaha Girmistim Guven Teyzem Guzeller Guzeli Teyzem Guzel Annem Guzel Baldizim Guzel Baldizlarim. Guzel Bir Gecem Guzel Halam Guzel Kalcali Ablam sule 1 Guzel Karim Ve Yegenim GuZEL KAYNANAM Guzel Kizim Ebru Guzel Kiz Bulamayinca Guzel Kuzenim Guzel Teyzem Hacerle Sex Hadi Baba Git Artik!!! Hadi Baba Git Artik! Haftasonu Ablama Vurdum hala kizimla sikis Halacim Halalarin Halasi halam benimm halam ve kizi Halam..(Can) Halam HALAMA DAYANAMADIM Halama Gece Tecavuz Ettim Halama Kaydim Halama Olan Askim Halama Verdim...1... Halama Verdim halamin killi ami halamin kizi Halamin Cilveli Kizi Halamin citir Kizi Halamin Dul Kizi Halamin Gelini Halamin Gelini Becerdim Halamin Gotu Halamin Guzel Gotu Halamin Hastasiyim Halamin Kizi... Halamin Kizi.. Halamin Kizi Halamin Kizina Devam.... Halamin Kizini Darma Duman Ettim Halamin Kiziydi Halamin Kiziyla Halamin Kiziyla Milli Olduk Halamin Kizi Aysu Halamin Kizi Burcu Halamin Kizi Hilal Halamin Kizi Hulya Halamin Kizi Ile Atesli Bir Gece.. Halamin Kizi Meltem Halamin Kizi Merve Ve Ben Halamin Kizi Ve Alev Gibi Ami Halamin Kizi Ve Arkadasi Halamin Kizi Ve Ben Halamin Kizi Ve Intikamim Halamin Kizlarinin Manevi Sikintilari... Halamin Kizligi Halamin Muhtesem Vucudu Halamin Oglu Beni Becerdi Halamin ozlemi Halamin O Guzel Gotu Halamin Tatli Ami Halami Bagirttirdim... HALAMI BITIRDIM HALAMI cATIR cATIR Halami Delirttim Inlettim Halami Evinde Becerdim Halami Gizliden Sikisim Halami Gotunden Halami Gotunden Nasil Siktim Halami Istiyordum.... Halami Nasil Siktim Halami Ormanda Arabanin ustunde Halami Sabaha Kadar Siktim Halami Sex Manyagi Ettim... Halami SIktim....! Halami Siktim Halami Zorla Halamla Halamlarda Halamlarda ..... Halamla Amerika Halamla Amerika2 HALAMLA ANLAsTIK Halamla Banyoda Annem Bizi Yakaladi Halamla Banyo Fasli Halamla Baslangic Halamla Hardcore Halamla Kuzenimi Siktim Halamla Sabaha Kadar HaLaMLa SeXs Halamm Halammmmmm Halam At Ve Ben Halam At Ve Ben 2 HaLaM cok GuZeLDi Halam Karim Oldu Halam Kizi Ile Yalniz....... Halam La Ben Tam Hayallerimdeki Gibi Halam Min Kizi Halam Neymis Boyle Halam Sirdasimdi 1 Halam Ve Azgin Arkadasi Halam Ve Ben Halam Ve Ben Evde Halam Ve Fistik Gibi Kizi Halam Ve Kizkardesim, Halam Ve Yengem Halam Ve Yengemin Meraki Halam Zorluyordu... halamın kızı halamın kızını sikişm Halamın kızıyla halamın kızı istedi Halarim Ve Ben Hala Kizi.. Hala Kizi Hala Kizinin Gogusleri Hala Kizinin Gulumseyisi! Hala Kizinin Kesfi Hala Kizini Cddeki Gibi... Hala Kizi 1 HALA KIZI CANSU Hala Kizi Karim Oldu! Hala Kizi Kerziban... Hala Kizi Kerziban Hala Kizi Sureyya Hala Kizi Zehra hala kızı bir farklı oluyor hala kızı çok hoş oluyo Hala Oglu Ile Sikis... Hala Oglu Ile Sikis Hala Sikesim Var HALA sOKTAYIM hallam ve ben Hamile Annem Hamile Halam Hamile Yengem Handan Abla Hanife Abla Hanife Ve Harika Kardesi.! Hapishane Harikasin Teyzecim Harikaydi Harika Ablam Harika Baldizim HARIKA KARDESIM Harika Kezban Harika Kizimin Kadin Olusu Harika Komsum Harika Plan Harika Tatil Harika Teyzem Harika Ve Basdan cikariciydi Harika Yengem..!! HARIKA YENGEM Hasan Amca Ben Ve Emine Teyze Hasret Giderdik Hastaligim Ve Turbanli Anam Hastaligim Ve Turbanli Anam 2 Hastaligim Ve Turbanli Anam 3 Hastaligim Ve Turbanli Anam 4 Hastalik Hastami Siktim Haticeyle Yengesi Hatun Annem Havuzda Basladi! Havuzda Seks Bir Baska Hele Hala Kiziyla Havuz Partisi Havva Teyzenin Kizi cigdem HAYALIMDEKI KADINI Hayalimdeki Teyzem Hayalimdeki Yengemle Oldum HAYALIM YENGEM Hayalinizi Gerceklestirdiginizi Dusunun Hayallerimin Kadini Semrayi Siktim Hayaller Gercek Oldu hayatda olmaz diyordum Hayatimdaki Orospu Hayatimdaki Tek Kadin Annem Hayatimda Bir Ilk