Thursday, January 8, 2009


The past couple of days at my house have been wonderfully calm. We started back to school on Monday and there has been little drama. The kids traded cleaning zones so we've been going over that. Piano lessons, Scouts, back to normal around here. We have had lots of rain though so the kids have been inside a lot. Lots and lots of rain, so much the pasture beside our house was completely flooded out. They are outside kids and by Tuesday afternoon Matt and Abbie were begging to go outside. The rain had dwindled to a trickle and it really wasn't cold so I told them they could put on old clothes and go out and play. They told me they were going to Matthew's property (a corner of the BACK yard which Matt had claimed as his) to play in the mud. I could hear them yelling and having fun as I had the back door open. All was well. Then Abbie came running in and said, "Mom, all the cars are stopping and looking at us!" I was like, "What?" Turns out they had moved over to the flooded pasture and were practically swimming. Cars were slowing down to watch them and of course I'm sure Matt put on a good show. I quickly got him in and made him take a cold shower (because our hot water heater has been broken since Saturday, Woo-Hoo!) to get all the mud out of his hair. I have been waiting since then for the call from DHR but so far so good.

By the way, the hot water heater repair man is coming Friday and I may kiss him! Probably not, but I might offer him some cookies. We have been able to take showers at my in-laws house so things are not bad, but I would like to get back to washing my dishes in hot water.

Other than Abbie falling out of a tree yesterday and hurting her backside it's been a good week so far. Oh, and Tyler told Abbie she was "MADE IN CHINA" like all the toys and she got pretty upset and cried. I just rolled my eyes. How do these boys come up with these things?


  1. Girl - if those kids want to play in the mud, let them! Do you remember that time Brother was so nasty at Grandmother's that the water in the bathtub was brown??? I will never forget it!

  2. Mark used to tell me I was sold by gypsies. I think it's a hereditary thing you're going to be stuck with for a long, long time.

  3. You were. we traded them two baskets of butter beans,
    i guess it was a bargain.

  4. That is so funny about the China thing! I had a man tell me Saturday that 1 out of every 4 babies born in this world were Chinese, so he said I had a good chance of this next baby being Chinese. Hmmmm. . . . .

  5. I love that you let your kids go swimming in the pasture and play in the mud! I want to be okay with that kind of stuff, but I have to be sooooo intentional about it. And they KNOW it crazes their mama, so they are both careful not to get too filthy when they play outside. What have I done to them?? Ah, well, someday!

  6. Mud and water are good! It's old fashioned fun :)