Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Help me Rhonda, what a day yesterday! Mark asked me last night about 9:30 if I was ever going to post again. I told him I didn't think my fingers would work. I had yesterday carefully mapped out Sunday night. When I got up early to read my Bible and make some coffee I'm sure all the older wiser moms of the world got a little laugh at my plans. I won't bore you with the details, but we had a unexpected doctor visit, 3 eye appointments, a pharmacy visit, a last minute run to the bank, a gross chicken incident, a Cub Scout meeting, a Heritage Girl meeting, and a toddler who was being pulled every which way and who only had an hour nap the whole day. We got home at 8:45 last night, I put the baby to bed and did not do the children's grades and progress reports like I had on my list to do. I also did not mop or do the exercise machine. So, it's only Tuesday and I'm already behind on my list. That is not at all unusual for me though. Today, hopefully, will be a stay at home day to catch up on school and I can do the grades and reports that are due Thursday. I also have about 15 pages to type for the adoption paperwork. And the floor still needs to be mopped, and school needs to be done. Oh, boy!

Oh, the Hot Water Heater man came Friday and was done in 10 minutes and we had hot water within the hour. WOO-HOO!!!


  1. Gonna have to know the details of the unexpected doctor visit and gross chicken incident. You can't just post partial information like that. It causes me to itch.

  2. Doctor visit~ Matt has the worst case of poison oak he has ever had ~ in January!!!! All over his face, ears, nose, one eye, his arms, armpits, and belly. We went begging for a steriod shot, but to no avail. Only oral steriods which don't help for several days. I am having to give him benedryl around the clock which makes for one dopey little boy.

    Chicken~Matt went to check on them and said one had guts or grossness all over it. I thought maybe she had prolasped, but it was egg yolk where she had busted the egg and then wallowed in it. Fun, fun!

    Everyone is excited about your visit!

  3. sounds like an interesting day!! gotta love all those unplanned adventures:)

  4. I've been a Mom for close to 8 years now - I'm not sure if I've EVER finished a single to do list! Oh well, as you know there is so much more to motherhood than to-do lists. A new adventure everyday! Smiles to you!!!

  5. Wow~ You did have a BUSY day girlfriend! I hope today is much slower for ya.

  6. Try children's zyrtec (cetirizine instead of benedryl and he won't be as sleepy .....
    And remember, I'm "JAN" (just a nurse)....
    Can't wait to get there. Is my bro. going to pick me up at the airport, or do I need a rental car?