Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday Top Ten

I saw on someone's blog where they had a Thursday 13 List and listed all the things that she repeats day after day to her children. I'm too late for the Thursday 13, but I'll give it a whirl.

1. WHERE are your shoes?
2. James.Daniel.Clark!!!!
3. That better not be poison oak on your arm.
4. Do I need to find something for you to do? Because I will and I don't think you will like it.
5. I don't understand. This room was spotless one hour ago.
6. Do you WANT a spanking? (Why do we ask this to our children?)
7. It's time for the cleanup dance. (I torture my children by making them watch me sing and do the cleanup dance. If they don't applaud and look happy I make them get up and do it with me. I know, mean momma.)
8. What in the world were you thinking?
9. Kindness, please. What would be the kind thing to do?
10. Any variation of "GET" Get down, get up from there, get out, get here right now!

Do ya'll have any good ones to add?


  1. Ok too too funny. Here are a few favorites of mine. In fact I reflect upon them often because my kids are goof balls.

    1)Why is the umbrella in the bathtub??
    2) After driving a few hours to the mountains of Utah one year to get a Christmas tree...You don't have socks on???It was at least 7 inches of snow.
    3)No you cannot wash the cat in the washer.

    So now you get my insanity!
    I wrote a post on homeschooling on my blog if you are interested.
    (oh thanks for the well wishes)

    I must add this one that just happened. We have rubber gloves because of the farm and such. My 16 year old just came out of the shower and said to me, Mom I took so long because I found the rubber gloves in my pocket. He showed me them filled with water clasped closed with my barrettes!!! Life is pretty hilarious if we keep in check with post like these.

  2. Oh my goodness! This is too funny! I have 5 daughters, and they all like to mother hen each other. So I find myself saying "Who's the momma? I am!" all day long.

  3. some of mine are

    1. are you wearing underwear
    2. is there a kid under all this dirt
    3. tell me why exactly are our good dishes, silver wear, chairs, baby, pots, pans, out in the yard getting rained on.
    4. when i told you to brush your teeth why did you take a shower, and not brush your teeth.
    5. the reason you are having so much trouble sleeping is that you are not in bed.

  4. 1. Be Patient !
    2. Stop being demanding !
    3. I'm Coming ! Just a minute.
    4. Hold on !
    I wish I had some funny ones, but my kids said this is what I say ALL THE TIME !

  5. OK. You sound like MY mother.
    Keep in mind that one of mine is in College and the other one is grown and on his own, but here's mine:
    1. NO!
    2. Haven't we already had this conversation?
    3. If you wait a little longer to do it, it probably won't matter any more.

  6. I don't have kids so I'll have to reference what I say to Jay about my cats.

    1. Oh my gosh, she threw up again.
    2. Oh my gosh, she poo-poo'd again (and not in the litter box).
    3. Oh my gosh, she peed again (and not in the litter box).
    4. I hate the cats.

  7. That was Laugh Outloud Funny!! You just made my afternoon...

    Have a wonderful weekend for your too funny family :)

  8. This was too funny! Loved it! I think I need to do this same top ten things though!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. 1. GIRLS! NOOOO!
    2. Turn that water off!
    3. Where is your diaper????
    4. You DO NOT need my help!
    5. Did you hit her?????
    6. What is this (fill in the blank) doing under the couch???
    8. Did you wipe, wash, flush etc...????
    9. ONLY ON THE PAPER!!!!!
    10. I love you, silly little girl.
    Can you tell we are potty training?