Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Much better now

We are all feeling much better now. It has been a peaceful day so far and I have been very, very, very lazy. Usually when I am lazy I feel guilty about it, but today I just really wanted to get better so I haven't done much. Randomness Alert: We didn't go to Bible Study and piano, but we did go over spelling words and read a history book. We are studying Ancient Egypt so we read about King Tut. James took a three hour nap and I feel asleep in the recliner while reading. Tyler just came in and told me he has been stuck in a tree for awhile. He finally made it down. Matt has been working on his stamp collection today. Abbie has been playing outside a lot trying to learn to balance on a barrel and a sheet of plywood. My chickens laid 8 eggs today. Could they be coming out of menopause? Is that possible? I am fixing meatloaf, mashed pototoes, honey carrots, and cheesy cornbread for supper. Hubby should be happy. I have an exciting night of nothing planned and I'm glad of it.
A couple of nights ago Tyler was being very aggravating about something or another and Mark told him to go stand in the corner. James watched the whole proceeding and in a show of brotherly love and loyalty he went and stood with him. He had no idea why he was there, but Tyler was there so he was good.


  1. Oh Wendy I'm glad you are feeling better! It sounds like you are going to have a delicious night! I don't think recuperating gets filed under laziness, honey! All mamas need downtime!
    Love your blog and love your life!

  2. Sympathy cute. My oldest would cry the moment any of the others would cry. We called it sympathy crying. Of course he is now a great big giant US soldier and is as compassionate as he was then minus the tears.

    I have enjoyed my visit here-your blog is fun.

  3. The corner standing is hilarious - and dinner sounds delish!!
    I'm glad you are all feeling better!

  4. That picture is the best! I just love it!

  5. I'm not buying any of it. James had a guilty conscience about something. I HAVE heard him laugh, you know....

  6. Oh my word! Tyler looks so big in that picture! I'm glad you're feeling better.