Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Where is human nature so weak as in a bookstore?"
Henry Ward Beecher
Or in my case, the library. I love to read, but for the past couple of months I have not read a lot. I just could not find anything that interested me. There are some "fluff" books out there that I do like. They are just fun to read and usually I get really sleepy and fall asleep with the book on my face. But I wanted something different and I just couldn't find it. Well, then I read A Lantern in her Hand, by Bess Aldrich and I knew I was about to get on a reading kick again. I took off for the library and headed straight to the A's. There was only one book there by her so I grabbed it. I couldn't believe there wasn't a crowd behind me waiting in line to read all her books. It was Spring Came On Forever, and although very different from Lantern, it was sooooo good. I can't wait to get online and see if some of the other libraries have others by her. I am about to start on My Antonia, by Willa Cather. Not sure how I missed this one in high school. I remember it being talked about. If any of you picked up A Lantern in her Hand let me know what you thought.

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  1. Just finishing up "A Lantern in Her Hand"...will have to head out for the next one. Thanks for the suggestion - have a great week.