Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where Did the Week Go?

Oh my goodness, I am tired. A good tired, but tired. We have been so busy since last Saturday all the days are running together. Since last Saturday we have had Tyler's Crossing Over Ceremony for Boy Scouts, Heritage Girls, Mark's dad getting pretty sick and at doctor's all week, school, CBS, had a resource moms meeting Thursday night, spent all day yesterday with my friend Rebekah, and then had my parents birthday party last night. My sister was the lovely host and even though she grossly underestimated how much pizza my children would eat, it went well. It was pretty low-key, just our immediate family, but lots of fun. And then a whole lotta little things in between. Abbie sprained her finger Wednesday and she has been wearing a splint. James fell out of his high chair last night and he has some weird bump thing right under his eye. I had to go through all my old homeschool curriculum and price it to sell at the mom's meeting. I had to get all our tax stuff together and deliver it to the tax lady. And then all the normal stuff-meals, laundry, and trying to keep James from climbing out of his bed. It's time to move him to the toddler bed, but that means I will have to pull it out from the barn and clean it. And then clean out from under his baby bed, which is housing all his old newborn clothes and even though he is two I don't think my heart is ready to deal with all that right now. Maybe when he is 35. Of course I will still have New Baby Girls clothes to deal with then. Speaking of New Baby Girl, we were supposed to have our last interview with the social worker last Tuesday, but we had to cancel because of Mark's dad getting sick. So, we are supposed to go this Tuesday. And then we will just be waiting.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. It's cold and wet here. I want to stay in all day in my gown and read and sleep, but if I don't get out and buy some groceries the hungry restless natives will begin to turn on me pretty soon.


  1. Have a great (wet) weekend ! We have been so busy too and traveling some.

  2. I know, I want to stay in my pajamas too, but alas...the cupboards are bare!
    Enjoy your Saturday! I am so excited your paperchasing is almost over with and you are that much closer to Baby Girl!

  3. Yikes!! You make me tired just reading this post!!!!

    Hopefully next week will be much calmer. . .

  4. Sounds like you had an extremely busy week. I hope that every is okay with Mark's dad in all.
    ~It's cold and wet here too! It feels so nice to have everything done that I am going to do today that is and sitting by the fire and now blog. My kind of world!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. The baby bed--baby clothes issue sounds like a book I know. . .

    If a 2 year old needs a toddler bed, then Papa Rooster will have to get it from the barn.

    And if Papa Rooster gets it from the barn, then Mama Hen will have to clean it.

    If Mama Hen cleans the toddler bed,then Papa Rooster will have to move the baby bed.

    If Papa Rooster moves the baby bed,
    then Mama Hen has to clean out the baby boy clothes.

    If Mama Hen has to go through the baby boy clothes, then Papa Rooster better get the Kleenex.

    If Papa Rooster gets Mama Hen the Kleenex, then maybe I'll come down with the brownies and ice cream. . . . . . . .:-)

  6. Love it Rebekah!!! And so true. It rained all day yesterday so I got to put it off for another day. But, you can still come and bring brownies and ice cream!