Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Blog Extreme Makeover

I love the Show Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. I don't get to watch it anymore, but I loved seeing the new houses. Of course, I would never want to my children to get terribly sick or Pappa Rooster to loose a limb or something just to get a new house, but hey, if they called, I wouldn't say no. Well, they haven't called.

But I got something pretty good yesterday. Rachel from Grasping For Objectivity In My Subjective Life redid my blog for me. We have been emailing for a couple of weeks and she worked so hard to get it just like I wanted it. I love the pretty colors and the daisies. She really did work hard and I would love it if you would go visit her blog and tell her what you think of my new look. But, if you don't like it, don't go. Just keep your thoughts to yourself as I tell my children.

But, you need to go visit her blog anyway because she is HILARIOUS! She has some of the funniest takes on normal everyday things. And she has the sweetest little daughter ever. It is worth it just to go take a look at her dimples and curls. Also, she has great giveways and has reader appreciation prizes quite frequently. You just might win something! That is how I found her blog actually. She was having a giveaway on Bloggy Carnivals and I entered. I thought she was so funny that I go visit her everday!


  1. I think your blog looks GREAT!

  2. Love the daisies and the verse at the top!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! It fits your sweet family perfectly!
    LOVED seeing your older boys at CBS yesterday! I love their boldness and JOY for Jesus!