Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Only One Side Must Have Been Stinky

My Matt has developed this weird looking rash under his left arm. He is usually covered up with poison oak so I have not been too worried about it. Today he was running around with no shirt on ( I know, it's freezing out, but he's just a weird kid) and I saw that the rash was really spreading.

When Mark got home we were looking at and trying to figure it out. You see, once you have a boy-child you get to examine lots of weird things. We were looking under his arm and Mark said, "Maybe he is having a reaction to his deodorant." I responded, "No, then it would be under both arms." Matt gets this strange look on his face and then Mark realizes what has been going on. Matt has, for some reason that we still can't figure out, has only been putting deodorant on under one arm. He has no rationale for this and he still doesn't see what the problem is.

Once I find a hyper-sensitive skin deodorant he will get careful instruction to apply it to both underarms.

By the way, he and Abbie have started their own business. They won't tell us what it is until the merchandise is ready. I can't even imagine what it might be. Hopefully no will be hurt in the making of this merchandise.


  1. Having seen Matt in action, I'm wondering why he isn't covering his entire body in it.

    Hey Wendy - relax, honey. God will provide. Remember the lillies of the field.

  2. What would we do with out Mattie-cakes??? Can't wait to find out what the merchandise is!

  3. Mama Hen,

    That is so funny! Only a parent understands how kids think sometimes and can laugh about it. I'll send you a link via email to a deodorant I've tried and really like.

  4. I guess once you have two boys...I can say "makes sense to me!!" At least he's USING it!!

  5. NICE. I have so many adventures ahead of me!! I can't wait. :)

  6. Oh that is just too funny! Who knows what boys are EVER thinking??