Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Everywhere

As BooMama says, Randomness...

1. Yard Sale ~ right now this yard sale is my life. I am pricing in my sleep. I have been absolutely wonderfully overwhelmed at all that has been donated to the yard sale. Please pray that Saturday will be beautiful weather and that this sale will be a blessing to many families.

2. James is learning to say more and more things. This morning he was yelling at me from his bed, "Momma, I not eep." Which means, "Momma, I'm not asleep." I thought that was an interesting way to tell me he was awake. Along with his newfound words he is also learning to tell a lie. He lives to be outside and he is coming up with some very sly ways to convince me he needs to go outside. This afternoon he stood at the door and told me "Pearl laid an egg." He thought he should be the one to go get it.

3. I am only required to do 14 more days of school this year. I am only required to do 14 more days of school this year. I am only required to do 14 more days of school this year. Can you tell I am ready for a small summer break? Actually we are going to school through the end of May and then take June off. But, if I chose to close up shop in 14 days I could!

4. This is a rose bush in our backyard that was taken from a cutting in Mark's grandmother's yard. It is beautiful right now. It is really old and really big.
5. We hatched a moth from a cocoon and it broke out Saturday morning. We let it go Sunday night. It was huge! Bigger than my hand. We all went out and watched it fly away.

Rachel has commented on how I never post pictures of myself on my blog. Well, Rachel, here are my toes. And yes, my second toe is much much longer than all the rest of my toes. Very strange, I know. Someone told me one time this was a sign that I was a bossy person. They have no idea...

6. Last week the kids sang in our Bible Study Children's Program. James spent the majority of his singing time doing this:

I guess all the singing made him tired. After awhile several of the other children joined him and they all rolled all over each other as the older kids sang behind them. My dad said he must be a natural born leader because all the other kids followed him. I'm so proud. Actually it was so funny he had everyone laughing.


  1. My second toe is longer than the rest too!! We must be related :)
    Your long lost sister,

  2. Your grandmother's and mine are also longer than the big toe. You come from hearty, good stock. Also, James was just showing everyone how talented he is. He can sing his songs standing, sitting, rolling, laying down, and turning around and around. I thought all our kids did a great job.

  3. Can you hold branches with those toes?

  4. Mollie, what I do is hold the switch in my toes when I am sitting in my swing outside. As the kids walk by I swat them as necessary. Laziness requires a certain efficiency.

  5. Wendy, I have the toe too and of course, Del is so sweet to tell me that I have chimpanzee fingers and toes. I'm just thankful you had toenail polish on. James did fabulous!

  6. Jill, of course I have toenail polish on. What kind of lady do you think I am? :)

  7. you should put the family adoption photo on here.

  8. Mollie, I want to, but Mark has got to teach me how to scan the photos in. I "think" I know, but that thinking has got me in a lot of trouble before. But, I can add and subtract fractions with unequal denominators now, so I'm moving on up in the world. I'm learning 5th grade all over again!

  9. Praying for that yard sale - good weather and LOTs of shoppers! What did you decide about the bake sale - prices or donations? Exactly how many days left for school...I just wasn't clear! :)

  10. Jennifer, I haven't exactly decided, but I think we are going to price the lemondade at 50 cents and then have a tip jar. I decided against cookies. Too much work for the ole mom.

  11. My 2nd toe on the right foot is longer, too. It looks like ET. Hubby says that if we ran out of food, the family could live off my 2nd toe alone for a week. That makes me feel so attractive. . . .

  12. A TOE Picture does NOT constitute a picture of yourself on your blog!!!

    My second toe is also longer, and my uncle makes fun of me for how long all of my toes are. Of course, he's the same uncle that makes toenail art (see the post on my sidebar under faves if you missed it. . . or you might just want to keep missing it).

    James is ADORABLE!!! What a great memory of him laying on the stage during the concert. That is totally something Ali would do too.

    I hope the yard sale went GREAT today!! I can't WAIT to hear all about it!!!

  13. I just came from Jill's blog and read that you did well on your garage sale. Great! Having one is a lot of hard work, isn't it?

    So, 14 more days of school,huh? We have 30 days as of today! Praise the Lord!!!!!

    Have a great week ahead!