Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crazy Eights

Do ya'll remember doing Crazy Eights in the gym in middle school? I am going to have to practice and then teach them to my kids. Another good way to embarrass them. It will give them a break from having to dance with me to the clean up song every morning. Anyways, Jennifer did this fun meme so I thought I would too.

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Rocking our new baby girl.
2. Going on a trip with my mom and sister to Amish country. (who knows when this will happen, but we are excited)
3. Our first tomato from our garden.
4. The end of May and we will be taking a month off from school.
5. When I win the $10,000 maid service offer from Publix. (Could this be my cleaning fairy I have been waiting on for so long?"
6. James' sweet kisses and hugs each morning.
7. Watching old tv series with Mark at night after the kids are in bed (we are loving Netflix because we get to watch old reruns that we actually like!)
8. Heaven when I get to see my grandmother again.
8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Cleaned house like crazy. (after the yard sale it just all sort of degraded).
2. Paid the bills.
3. Filled out homeschool books orders.
4. Dragged James in from sneaking outside (x30).
5. Cooked a made up supper from ingredients I had in the pantry (and Mark loved it).
6. Helped Matt learn to make copies. (He is starting his own newspaper)
7. Watched old Northern Exposure reruns with Mark after the kids went to sleep.
8. Fell asleep while watching NE and missed the end of the show AGAIN.
8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Be kind and merciful to Mark and the children all day long.
2. Be balanced with the house cleaning, schooling, and all the other stuff that has to be done each day. (I am either gung-ho or so-so)
3. Go to England and Ireland.
4. Go to Alaska. (Mark and I really want to go and spend a lot of time there and explore)
5. Sew
6. Paint (other than rooms)
7. Not worry about every little thing.
8. Sit on my grandparent's front porch with all of my family there and just listen to all the funny and good things they say.
8 Things I Watch on TV
1. Sesame Street
2. Brady Bunch (over and over)
3. Gilligan's Island (over and over)
4. Arthur
5. the XBox (whatever game Tyler is playing)
6. I Love Lucy
7. The Wiggles
8. Northern Exposure (currently)
I am not going to tag anyone, but if you do this meme please let me know. I would love to read your answers.
Please forgive my spacing issues. I could not get it to do right this morning.


  1. I just started DVRing episodes of the Brady Bunch and the girls are loving them. Caroline will say she wants to watch "my" favorite show b/c Tom told them it was my favorite. Yeah!

  2. I did it - and even copied a few of your on the things I wish I coulld do!!! :)

  3. Maybe I should have included typing on that one!!!! (could:))

  4. I enjoyed reading your lists. Your "want to do" list has some items that I would want to do as well. I would expand Ireland and England to include Scotland. =) The part about being merciful and kind to family all the time -- I need that one big time.


  5. Glad you played along...I loved reading your crazy eights!! I would also like to look forward to a trip to the Amish country...some friends just went and now I've got the notion...and I look forward to photos and baby stories about that sweet little girl :)

  6. Your crazy eights were wonderful! There are quite a few on there that would be on my lists, too. :)

  7. Wait - the Xbox is working again?

  8. He got a new (new to him anyway) one for his birthday.