Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dancing Music

Everyone simply must go now to Jennie's blog and listen to her playlist. You will need to scroll down to the bottom. She has Abba's Take a Chance on me (which is a great dancing song) and Suspicious Minds (which holds special significance for Jill and I). Just good dancing songs to embarrass the kids with. But, I must be wearing off on the kids because all three of my boys came into the schoolroom to dance with me. This is the life! Three boys and a momma dancing the night away. Love it!


  1. Wendy,
    Thanks for the shout-out. Train those kids up with good music, girl!
    Love Ya

  2. Yesterday they all danced with Nana. It was great. I showed them how to do the swim. You should have seen Matt.

  3. Sister, how could they not dance?? The dancing vibe is in our genes!