Monday, May 25, 2009


~ Oh, it's a happy day for MamaHen at the Old Clark Homestead. I have gotten my new homeschool planner and a new monthly planner. The joy! Blank pages just waiting to be filled up. The old school year has past and the new is coming!

~ I do not have to cook tonight. Mark is grilling and all I have to do is stick the potatoes in the microwave and warm the bread. He is home today and has already fixed Abbie's door and took a load of junk to the Foundry.

~ Abbie had expressed concern that the blog has been James picture-heavy lately so... here is my Sweet Abbie.


  1. It looks like I'll be getting out of cooking today, too. :) At least lunch and dinner. I already cooked a big breakfast this morning. My husband is grilling hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill today. A break from venison AND a break from the kitchen! And only 6.5 more days of school to finish out our minimum days and turn in our paperwork! :)Congratulations on being done with your school days! I need to decide what type of planner to use for next year. You'll have to tell me which one you're using.

  2. Beautiful picture, Abbie! You look marvelous! :0)

  3. So beautiful, as always. We are so sad that we missed Abbie on Saturday:(
    Abbie looks a lot Wright, but the other day Schyler made a facial expression that looked so much like Abbie, it was incredible.

  4. I LOVE new planners!! What fun I have to look forward to when I start homeschooling!!

    Abbie, you look lovely, as always!!