Monday, June 8, 2009

Books I Love

I wish I had a dime for every book I love. I come from a reading family and I am trying to make sure all my sweet kiddos love to read also. I keep on finding books and want to tell everyone, "Hey, read this one!" but I realize not everyone is as passionate about it as me. I like all genres of books: fiction, mystery, Christian doctrine, Christian fiction, historical books, biographies. (No science fiction though - yuck!) So, if you need something clean and fun to read then here you go!This is a list of my favorites. I'll be adding to it as I remember and read more!

(These are in no particular order)
  • Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers (Go and get this book right now and commence reading. Three days later~if it takes that long~take a deep breath and try to recover. Oh, my goodness, to think that HE pursues me like that!)

  • Joy in the Morning, by Betty Smith
  • A Lantern in Her Hand, by E.A. Streeter
  • Stepping Heavenward, by Elizabeth Prentiss
  • Abram's Daughters series, by Beverly Lewis
  • All the Little House Books
  • The End of the Road, by Tom Bodett
  • The Mitford Series, by Jan Karon
  • Skipping Christmas, by John Grisham (I reread this every Christmas)
  • Through the Gates of Splendor, by Elisabeth Elliot ( I think if I could pick anyone to have a long day of talks with it would be Elisabeth. Her writings encourage me like no other writers).
  • Let Me Be A Woman, by Elisabeth Elliot
  • A New England Nun, by Mary Freeman (short story)
  • The Southern Sisters Mystery Series, by Anne George (Anne was an Alabama writer and her books are set here in Alabama - love them all- have read them over and over and over for 10 years. They are my "when I can't sleep books" when I need some familiar to read)
  • All of the Patrick McManus books
  • The Shaping of a Christian Family, by Elisabeth Elliot
  • Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austin
  • A Mom Just Like You, by Vicki Farris (very encouraging homeschooling book)
  • Anne of Green Gables (and all the sequels), by Lucy Montgomery
  • Sleeping Murder, by Agatha Christie
  • Partners in Crime, by Agatha Christie
  • Shepherding Your Child's Heart, by Ted Tripp (If you don't read any other parenting book in your whole life read this. )

I'll be adding more as I think of them. I would love for you to share some of your favorites with me!

Do you have any great suggestions?

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