Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday morning

I'll post the winner of the Shameless Promotion giveaway after I find a pencil and paper. Yes, it's that bad around here. Everyday I came home from VBS in a tired stupor so nothing, except for loading the dishwasher and one load of laundry a day got done around here. It's bad people. So today will be spent 1. Cleaning my house 2. Cleaning my house, and after that is done I will 3. Clean my house some more.

When the house gets like this I get very antsy and my anxiety level goes over the limit. I make everyone else anxious and to feel like they have to walk on eggshells around me. I hate that about myself. I really do. If you think about old MamaHen today pray I won't yell at anyone else today (I have already and it's not even 9 am) and I will be able to see the big picture. If I had a clean house I wouldn't have four little chicks here with me all day.

Speaking of chicks, we are well on our way to meeting New Baby Girl. Our profile is in the final approval stage and we are just waiting for them to start showing it to birthmoms. It could be 2 months or two years. We have no way of knowing. We have got to come up with some girl names!

Edited to Add: I found this on another blog, I'm sorry I can't remember which one, but this made me feel much better this morning. I know, I'm mean this morning, but really people. These girls need to eat something. It will make their nerve condition feel soooo much better.

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  1. Oh for the love, quit stressing about your house. I know it's hard but everything that NEEDS to be done will get done. Take a breath every couple of hours and think about the most favorite moment you've had with each of your "chicks". Then think about the time we got lost in the airport parking deck. AND, there aren't any tingling sensations in your legs if you wear sweat pants!