Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Funny From Matthew

Matt came up with this joke this morning and I told him I would share it here.

"What do you call a sick news reporter?"

"A germnolist!"

He's a funny boy and he loves to make us laugh. Here's a pic of him at Summer Day Camp last week.


  1. FUNNY! Matt is a mess! Can't wait to see ya'll today.

  2. I love Matt's picture! And I love the biscuit story (sorry I'm behind).

    Disappointing news, though. My due date is in TWO weeks. Don't get me too excited now. ;-) Which of course means he might be here before August.

  3. I love it....and I love it more that it wasn't a knock knock joke!! (why do kids think those are SO funny???)

  4. He is so cute and his joke is so cute - and very good!