Friday, August 7, 2009


Happy Birthday to my little brother Del! He's been my little brother for 32 years now, but as I wrote to him on his birthday card, I am going to start counting my birthdays backwards (like Mary Alice momma,) so in four years I will have an older brother. I think that's doable, don't you? I hope you have the best day ever Del!

Today we are going to swim with Miss Jennifer and then I am taking the boys to meet Mark for some boys Sunday School thingy. That's it. Nothing exciting to report except yesterday I picked approximately 200 green tomatoes and set them out to ripen. They won't turn red, but they are rotting on the vine.

Some of you may remember me giving a Gardening 101 talk to a group of ladies back in May. Well, I have been humbled. This has been our worst gardening year ever. We have only had two pickings of peas and no green beans. No canteloupes, no watermelons. We did have some cucumbers and the corn looks like it is going to do okay. But hardly any tomatoes.


  1. Gardening puts me in awe of actual farmers. All that work and sweat and then heartache when its a poor year. Just imagine if that was on a large scale and for our livlihood?! Farmers are my heroes!

  2. Happy Birthday to Del! My brother's birthday is next week - thanks for the reminder! Actually have the gift taken care of...I'm so on the ball! Enjoy that swim..what else can you do with all that heat! So thankful for our fantastic summer this year - can't wait to get my airman home from Texas...before he is parched to death!

  3. what about some fried green maters