Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Love Camping.


  1. HA! I was wondering if you were home yet. I just don't even know what to say. You look pitiful.

  2. Hee hee! Is that you? I must put up a photo of myself too one day so that we can see who it is we are friends with :)
    You did have a bit of fun, didn't you?!


  3. Joy, yes that is me with no makeup and I had just walked up to the top of a pretty big hill.

    We did have a good time, but it was hard at times for me. I hate very hot weather and the humidity was awful that day.

    I'll post more about the trip later this week.

    Please do put up a photo of yourself. Next time I put one up I'll have my makeup on and my hair will be washed (hopefully) :)

  4. Oh, you look like your favorite pet monkey just died or something! So sad!!!!

  5. I have been checking your blog all weekend to see if you ditched the kids and hubby at the camp site. Can't wait to hear stories. You do look pitiful though :(

  6. Awe! Wendy! You look like a rose that just wilted! (& yes you are my rose!)
    Love ya!

    Why can't I ever log on with my blog name?!

  7. LOL! You really do look so pitiful. I've never seen that expression on your face before! I hope you looked happier at the AHG meeting tonight. I didn't make it tonight (my hubby checked into the hospital this evening) and I didn't want to bring all 5 kids. I'll see you next week--Smile!