Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Potty Training Day 2

Started out bad and ended bad. No successes, not one. I'm just rolling with the punches right now. He did declare (loudly I might add,) "I don't wike underwear!" as we were putting on our 15th pair for the day. I wanted to whisper back, "I don't like them either, I like cute little Pampers with Winnie the Pooh designs on them. They are really easy to clean up and dispose of. They make the sheets stay dry. They make less laundry. They are a pure joy in this momma's life." But I didn't. I smiled and said, "Of course you LOVE your new Buzz Lightyear underwear." And he said, "No, I don't Momma, I don't."



  1. Hope Day 3 brings more success than day 2!

  2. Hehehe. Been there, done that one. Several times. (I've got 3 kids potty trained so far, 1 getting closeer, and 1 who's just a baby...).

    My (un-asked-for) advice - if things don't turn around tomorrow then wiht all the sympathy and sadness you can muster, put up the underware for "when you're ready to potty". no exceptions. No wearing them over a diaper(what's the point to potty training if I can get them with a diaper?).

    Oh, and we approve of bribes for potty training. Our favorites - one chocolate chip for pee in the potty, two for poop. In our house that is big motivation. Then after we're consistent in pottying for a few days we start putting them in a cup and they can eat them at meals. Needless to say the cup magically empties a little before then if they are especially potty proficient that day. By the end of about 1-2 weeks we go to chocolate only for poops.

    Oh, and I didn't peek at your child's age, but my experience is that if they aren't staying prysically dry at night on their own they may not be ready. I don't start tempting them with underware until age 3. And I've got 2 that wet the bed (like daddy did). One outgrew it around age 5, the other is 3 1/2 and still wets the bed. So we use cloth diapers on her. (We also use cloth on our dipaer age kids, currently age 1 and age 5 months).

  3. OOohhhh...we bribe too! Right now is a Tupperware container of marshmallows in my bathroom window (visible, but out of reach). So much fun! This too will pass Wendy. Maybe before the next one comes???? hee hee hee

  4. I so remember this!! And I did the same thing Tristan did, we were not having success and we put the underwear away until HE was ready. It took much longer with my son than my daughter but when he was ready it was in 3 days he was trained. No accidents, nothing.

    Hope tomorrow goes better!!! Enjoy!

  5. I barely remember potty training Aaron, but I do remember feeling sad when he was completely out of diapers. There is a bonding there, I don't know how to describe it. The little underwear are SO cute! Now that he's 13, he's so secretive and stays behind clothes doors...he used to want me to 'keep him some company' while he bathed. No more! I guess that's a good thing...no I'm SURE that's a good thing!

    I did save a pair of his little Sponge Bob briefs. Too cute.

  6. Could you make sure you get him completely potty trained before I keep him Saturday? Thanks!

  7. I can SO relate! 1st born son? EASY! Potty trained him in two days. Piece of cake! I thought, boy, this is easy!

    2nd born son! HA!!!! Payback for 1st born son being so easy...
    He was NOT interested. I used any kind of bribe I thought would work!! Candy, food, money, anything!! Tried for about 2 weeks, no luck!! Waited a WHILE and tried again! He did better, but he was a bed wetter, so for everyone's sake, he wore a pull up at night. He did good during the day. He wet the bed occasionally until he was about 6.

    He is 17 now, and completely potty trained.....and very handsome I might add :)

    It was easier when they were litte....

    Good luck!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  8. LOL! I feel your pain...potty training makes diapers seem so easy, doesn't it?