Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Breakfast Inquiries

I have a mommy confession to make.

I don't like to get up and cook breakfast. It makes such a mess and I would rather be blogging (oops, did I write that? I meant to say getting up and getting an early start on my day by getting the laundry started and the dishwasher emptied before anyone else gets up). The kids usually have cereal or oatmeal, and I send my Sweet Hubby to work with nothing. But, my children (and hubby) really like breakfast and I want to fix it for them. I really do. I just get stuck in a rut.

Can you help? What are some things you fix for your kids breakfast? I have done better this past two weeks, we have had french toast, biscuits, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs. Do you have any suggestions for quick and easy things? Or things I could make the night before?

Thanks so much! My hubby and kiddos say Thanks so much too!


  1. Whip up a breakfast casserole the night before then nuke the sucker real quick for breakfast. Those breakfast casseroles are EASY, I've even made them!

  2. So this is my breakfast solution, because I am NOT a morning person and cooking early is not going to happen.

    I spend about two days at the beginning of the month baking breakfast items, then store them in the freezer and pull them out to warm up in the morning. Right now this is what I have in the freezer:
    12 Breakfast burrito (Egg, cheese, potatoes, refried beans)
    24 Muffins
    48 Homemade waffles
    24 Homemade slices of french toast
    24 Sweet Potato Bars
    24 Slices of Homemade Fruit coffee Cake
    24 Homemade Cinnamon rolls
    2 Loaves of banana bread
    2 Loaves of Pumpkin bread

    Then I sometimes make toast or oatmeal and we save the bacon and eggs and stuff for the weekends. Hope that helps a bit!

  3. you can also make pigs in a blanket and freeze them and cook them in the am. Breakfast casserole is yummy and easy just like Jill said and there are many many many different varieties. Eggos, they have sausage biscuits that are already made all you have to do is nuke them. Not the healthiest but well it is breakfast. I am not a breakfast cooker here either we are cereal and poptart and yogurt eaters

  4. use your favorite muffin mix and make the batter the night before, then in the morning just add a little milk, stir and pour into your muffin pan:)

  5. Mama Hen,

    I LOVE to eat breakfast! But, I cannot make a real breakfast before my husband goes to work (at UPS at 3 am), so I send him away with an apple, banana, and granola. It keeps him going, and I don't think anyone will fault me for not cooking at 2:30am ; )

    As for me and the kids, We love eggs cooked in a tiny bit of sausage and wrapping it in a whole wheat tortilla. (Tortillas can be made in advance and reheated, here is a good recipe )

    Or, you can make real oatmeal, it is not too hard or time consuming, and add sweetener to it (we like honey, maple syrup, raisins, cinnamon, fruit, or simply fruit "jelly" with no added sugars etc).

    In the winter we live off of baked oatmeal!

    We also like omelets!

    OK, I am getting hungry... I better go have a snack!


  6. You can always mix up waffle or pancake batter the night before..though I think the waffle does better. You could also make a large batch of waffles and freeze them, then you or your littles only have to toss them in the toaster and voila! You got breakfast:-)

    And I don't do much either...

  7. After reading all your comments, I've not a thing to add! In fact, I GOT some ideas! Thanks!



    You are such a better Mom than me.

    Chris and I have NEVER cooked breakfast and eaten it. Except maybe on a random Saturday once a year.

    Right now Ali's in a phase where she begs every morning for "Pink Yogurt and Pancakes", so that's what she gets.

    Microwavable pancakes. I never knew how good they were (My Mom was a quality Mom like you and always cooked), but they're quite delicious.

    I find them better than Waffles because Waffles get hard in the microwave.

    Other things we've done: Cereal (obviously), Oatmeal, Grits, Fruit, Cheese, etc....

    Cut yourself a break and stop cooking breakfast!!!

  9. Breakfast is such an important meal, but I have really been slacking on it lately. I used to make baked oatmeal with bananas, whole wheat muffins and pancakes when the boys were little. Now, I make cheese toast, pre-packaged microwavable oatmeal, cereal, or granola bars. It's bad I know...Hopefully, I will learn something new to do here!

  10. We don't do big breakfasts here except for the weekend. My daughter does not eat breakfast at all. I know, I hate that she goes to school like that, but she's been doing it for a few years now. My son really loves dry cereal and fruit. Milk in a glass, not on the cereal. Or a dry waffle and fruit. BUT on the weekend I do the eggs, homemade waffles or pancakes. I've tried muffins during the week but the only one who eats them is me. And I can do without them! Hope you get some ideas from all the comments!!!!

  11. Bake a bunch of sausage or bacon in the oven and then just use those frozen biscuits to bake quickly and have sausage or bacon biscuits. Remember when we used to have gravy over toast. I tried that with your kids one weekend. They were okay with it but I got the feeling that they just don't like alot of breakfast. I miss my Mama's eggs. No one could fry eggs like her.

  12. I am not good with breakfasts since I am not good at getting up on time anymore! Ugh! We do porridge (oatmeal) quite a bit though. There were some great ideas in the comments here - I must get motivated when I get home.

  13. Mama Hen,
    I want to add that I am not at all a morning person (as you probably know by now). but, my kids wake up "starving" in the morning. I let them eat a banana and drink some milk to fill up their tunnies some until I can cook.

  14. oh my yes! do i ever have ideas for you! captain crunch, trix, wheaties, cheerios, cinnamon toast crunch, grape nuts, pop ideas are endless!

  15. Mama Hen, so sorry to have not visited in a few days and already seen this, but if you've been reading Part I and Part II of my saga, I think you'll see why I've been negligient. ;)

    Someone already mentioned Baked Oatmeal. I make that in the cooler months and it is great! We like it best with apples, but any fresh berries are a great option, too. Yum!

    Also, the blender batter waffle and pancake recipe I make is right here: Look on the lower right and click on the photo. We also make the coffee cake recipes in her breakfast cookbook. The almond one made with brown rice and oats is great (and free on this website), but the blueberry is our favorite. Just make sure you have a sturdy blender to mix it all up!

    Our usual breakfast routine now is some kind of eggs (scrambled, poached or boiled--no more fried with hubby's cholesterol level), no meat unless it is venison sausage (hubby's cholesterol again), either cooked oatmeal (which can be started and soaked the night before, from Sue Gregg's recipes), oat or brown rice/oat waffles or pancakes OR brown rice/oat coffee cake (from Sue Gregg), and some fresh fruit.

    I do NOT recommend the baked oatmeal recipes for the crockpot. I've tried two of them and have always wound up with burned, mushy oatmeal. Yuck!

    I've also made things like breakfast burritos and frozen them in zipper style freezer bags. You can also check the website for some ideas for freezer breakfasts.

    Someone else already mentioned breakfast casseroles, and they can be prepared the night before and simply placed in the oven in the morning. Again, I try not to use these in the summer months, but they are great in the winter months. I have a french toast casserole recipe I used to make. It was good and made its own syrup. Actually, I had two of them. They were both good! :)

  16. I forgot to mention earlier, Mama Hen: The blender batter waffles, the coffee cakes, the baked oatmeal and the baked french toast casserole are all mostly or completely assembled the night before and either just baked or final ingredients added and then cooked/baked in the morning! I'm not a morning person either! ;)

  17. I vote for breakfast burritos. As kids we ate fried potatoes and eggs often. Also hash with more potatoes than meat. Very good


  18. I'm really behind on my blog reading due to the internet being down for about a week, so I hope you still get this comment!
    I'm not a morning person either and only make a hot breakfast on Saturday mornings. I do have a quick "recipe" for cinnamon biscuits...take a can of biscuits dip the top of each biscuit in melted butter then dip in cinnamon sugar and bake according to the package directions. They taste like cinnamon rolls, but only take a few minutes to make.

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