Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day (s)

In honor of Labor Day I am going to copy Shannon's meme about my labor days. If you decided to do the meme, let me know in the comments. You all know nothing fascinates women more than sitting around talking about our labor and delivery stories!

So here goes...

How long were your labors?
Child#1-6 hours

Child#2-5 hours, 30 minutes

Child #3,-5 hours

Child#4-2 hours, 20 minutes

How did you know you were in labor?
Child#1- immense pain

Child#2, immense back pain as Matt was posterior. I actually thought I was going to the ER with a kidney infection, but was happily told I was about to have a baby

Child#3-immense contractions that came on so hard and fast I was having trouble walking out the door to get to the car

Child#4- I just thought the other labors hurt. James about did me in.

Where did you deliver?
With all of them, at a hospital. I told Rebekah once that staying in the hospital after having a baby was the closest I was getting to a spa so I was going to sap it for all it was worth.

Yes, with the first three and with James there was not enough time to do an epidural. At the time I would have taken a nice shovel across the head if it would have sent me to la-la land.


Who delivered?
Wonderful doctors, except for #4. The doctor did not make it in time. I kept yelling to the nurse that the baby was coming and she would sweetly say, "Just a minute Mrs. Clark, I will check in just a minute." When she checked "in just a minute" she delivered the baby. But, just like Shannon, we still got the same exact doctor bill that we got with the other three. Imagine that.

***Just a note, they were all worth it... (even James, that little speed-racer)


  1. What a fun meme....and all I could think to talk about for Labor Day was yard sales?!?!

  2. Well, Mama Hen, if I get some time today between my cleaning and taking care of sick children, I'll try to respond to this one! Maybe it is the old natural childbirth teacher in me, but this is an interesting topic! ;)

  3. Aww shucks, no fair. I don' know nothin' about birthin' babies!! I'm sure, knowing me, it would be a wild ride, and not too pretty.

    This answers my question Wendy. I didn't know if you birthed all those babies, or adopted them. I thought they all looked rather similiar

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  5. Jayme, yes, I birthed them and now on to the adopting (hopefully)!

  6. Girl, I'm so glad you went through all that labor because you gave me the best 4 gifts a SIS could ever get! I love them little boogers!