Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Watch Out Beach! Part 2

I mentioned before about weather-related events that seem to happen whenever the Clarks and the Hixons get together. It is not a figment of our imagination. It is a very real occurrence and I have lots of data to back this up.
  • Before any of us had children we packed up and went to the beach. We were going to rough-it in Mark's parents pop-up camper. Well, Rebekah and I don't "rough-it" very well and all of us had been married for less than a year and it all came apart on that trip. We were fussing and fighting almost the whole weekend Well, actually there was one couple who was fussing and fighting and the other couple just didn't know what to do:). Rebekah, bless her heart, had never even been in a pop-up camper and the first night came the biggest storm I have ever seen. It was brutal. The camper was swaying and I just knew the wind was going to carry us right into the ocean. I kept asking Mark if we could go get in the car and I could hear Rebekah asking her hubby the same thing. We made it through the night, but the campground was really messed up the next morning.
  • Tornado - 1999. Hixon House. Perfectly fine weather when we got there. An hour later there were two very pregnant women and three little ones in the bathtub riding out the tornado.
  • Snow-1999-Hardly ever happens here in AL. Perfectly fine weather when we arrived at Rebekah's house. Within two hours so much snow and ice we could hardly drive home.
  • Anytime our hubbies get together to hunt and fish it rains. EVERYTIME.

Lots more has happened. This are just some of the big highlights. It is very strange and we stopped trying to explain it a long time ago.

So, now that we will be at the beach with 10 children between us who knows what all will happen. Does anyone know if there are any tropical storms brewing?


  1. How funny!! Surely NOT!! You are due a trip without weather issues!!

    Wishing you sun, surf and sand!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  2. You know there was a tropical storm at the beach when I went for my birthday last year. We had to come home a day early. Tell Rebekah it's not her fault, it's a Wright thing.

  3. She's telling the truth. Forget the beach umbrella; we better pack the rain umbrellas! (and plenty of dvds. . . )