Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall, Fall, I love Fall! And Giveaways Too!

Ya'll, let me tell you, I have been oh-so-blessed by the Random Number Generator thingy on some giveaways lately! I love entering giveaways and this past month they have loved me back. I have won a book, a $25 gift card to TJMaxx, and box full of all goodies including goat's milk soap which I LOVE.

So, I decided to have a giveaway of my own. In honor of my favorite season, Fall, I will be giving away these cutie little apple salt and pepper shakers and an Apple Crisp Mix. Anyone can enter and I'll draw a name sometime Wednesday afternoon. Please leave an email if you are not a blogger. Just leave me a comment telling me something extremely interesting about yourself! Or if you can't think of anything extremely interesting, I know it would be a stretch for me, just tell me what your favorite season is. Or you can tell me a really good book you are reading cause you know I love me some good books. Or... oh, just leave me a comment about anything!


  1. Don't you just love Fall. It's the crisp air that helps.

  2. Something interesting about myself? Hmmm... I was born and raised in Germany and now I live in Alabama. During my school years I HATED English class (mandatory in Germany) and swore I'd never say another word in English. Well, here I am many years later...

  3. I love fall and the mountains. Especially in the fall. Can you Mama win?

  4. I'll attempt all three :)

    1. fall is my absolute favorite season.
    2. extremly interesting thing...i'm the only one out of my whole family who has red hair, and i'm left handed. i got made fun of a lot growing up because of both. i always identified with Anne Shirley (anne of green gables) with the red hair so i just pictured her being a lefty as well :)
    3. i just finished readin "my sister's keeper" by jodi picoult. read it in about 6 hours and i couldn't put it down. sooooo good!

  5. I LOVE Fall too! I can't think of anything interesting about myself...

  6. Something interesting about me? Well, I really can't think of anything and that's about as interesting as it gets most days!

    Anyway, I love Fall!! Love your giveaway, so have a nice chat with the random thing and tell him to pick me!!!

    Enjoy your day!

  7. I'm not that interesting really, so I'll tell you that my favorite season is Fall too, and I'm reading Crazy Love for the 2nd time. It's VERY convicting! A Great read!

  8. Fall is my favorite season! I don't know if this is interesting or not but, I am the only one in my family with blue eyes and I used to think I was adopted when I was little but, that is not the case.{My siblings use to tease me about that.}Oh well, Happy Fall!

  9. Interesting? Hum? I would rather eat desserts before my meals:) Books I liked this year are both on my blog..Racing in the Rain and Molokai. I read tons of books but this summer I was babysitting my GS so I did not get much reading done except reading children's books to him. So many wonderful kids books and I love the Lama Pajama books.

  10. Good Morning.
    Congratulations on your latest wins. :o) It is always so much fun to receive goodies in the mail. :o)
    Interesting about me? Well as of late, I am learning to quilt and blogging about it often. :o) I really am enjoying the journey.
    I am terrible at reading. I love to do it but it takes me forever. I just recently finished reading the Twilight Series. It ended well, and I always like a good ending. :o) Do you like The Mitford Series? That is one of my favorites.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne
    Ps. Thank you for having a nice give a way. :o)

  11. Well, I have to enter, Mama Hen. Because I do have a fruit and apple theme going in my kitchen. I have apple kitchen canisters as well as apple basket kitchen canisters. And an apple-shaped wood bowl for holding my apples. And a set of apple-shaped glass candles with an autumn apple-cinnamon scent.

    Is that interesting enough? Because I really do love Autumn. My favorite season. I love the leaves changing colors, the cool breezes, and of course apple crisp! :)

  12. Well, my favorite season is also Fall. My husband thinks I'm crazy but the light is different in the Fall. Everything looks like it has a golden cast to it. Anyway, I'm not sure about interesting....I cannot remember ever winning any kind of contest. I'm not saying I never did win; I just can't remember it if I did! ;)

  13. Oh Fall is definitely my most favorite season!

    There is not one thing that I can think of that is interesting.

  14. Fall is my favorite season also :) Time for some chilli. Interesting fact about myself is I have a sewing and monogramming business and until a few years ago I could not even sew a button on.

  15. Oh Mama Hen! Thank goodness I didn't miss this! I was soooo busy yesterday that I'm just now 'makin' my blog rounds'.

    #1 - Interesting about me? I get a little freaked out and feel like I could faint if ketchup or mustard gets on my fingers. Weird isn't it? I've never eaten either of them...other than mixed in things like sloppy joes. They both seem rather gross to me, and to get them on my'd think I had poop on me. Is that interesting?

    #2 - Now, I do love me some fall...but come ON...SPRING has to be my favorite...seeing the world come back to life after winter. I guess it's my favorite until it starts raining, and everything is muddy. Ok, that I think about it, I really like summer, cause oh my gosh...tomatoes, and flowers and the beach (your favorite), and then I sure do love fall, it's a keeper. It could almost be my favorite, and then there is winter. Winter is so beautiful with all the snow, and the serenity, and Christmas.

    Guess what...I just wrote a book, and you read it.


  16. I love Fall, otherwise known as Autumn around here.... but of course it is Spring at the moment, not that you'd notice - we have the wood fire on and it has been cold and wet.
    Don't let me win, because you're not allowed to send food to Australia :( I'm sure little apple salt and pepper shakers would be allowed though... they are too cute :)

  17. Hi Wendy!
    It was great to see you guys this past weekend...the kids really enjoyed seeing their "cousins" (or second cousins twice removed or whatever!!! :) ).

    Something interesting about myself--my never updated blog:

  18. Count me in for this giveaway! I saw your post on the Beans and Rice recipe :)

    I live in Phoenix, moved from San Diego last spring. I'm a mom to dd 11, dd 6, ds 2, and one on the way. My hubby is a teacher and coach. I work full time out of the house... Oh how I wish fall would bless Phoenix with its presence. In the mean time, triple digits will heat this weekend. There will be nooo color change for awhile! :)