Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Linky-Loos

***I tried to think of something clever to title this but obviously it didn't happen.

The kids and I are headed to the Missions Fair this morning. And then home for an exciting weekend of cleaning the house and the yard because the social worker is coming Friday. I am determined I am not going to get all upset and antsy this time. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!

I thought I would share some neat links I have found recently~~~~~

Some of you know I love the Little House books. Lizzy at A Dusty Frame told us about this site. Love it!

If I could ever get up the gumption I want to make this~~Family Rules Canvas

My real-life from high school friend Kathy is about to go to China to get their Baby Girl. You should run over and ooh and aah because she is precious.

And, if you go watch this and don't end up smiling then something is wrong with your smiler and your heart is obviously not in the right place :). And, by the way, is that woman next to Simon not gorgeous? I'll take an extreme makeover if I can end up looking just like her. Go watch and get to smiling!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!!!!!


  1. I hope your cleaning projects go well this weekend!!! I'm going to look at the recommended sites in a bit. Hoping your calm for your home study. I know how crazy we can get trying to get it all perfect. Enjoy the weekend and your missions meeting.

  2. Okay that was a great video!!! I loved how the thing he did with the microphone to the beat of the song. Very good. And yes, the girl next to Simon is perfectly beautiful. Just to have her skin!!!

  3. I'll be praying for you about that home study. I'm sure it is stressful! Have fun cleaning. My house sure could stand a good cleaning, but I don't know whether I have the motivation right now.

    And I think that "Family Rules" Canvas is really cool. I'd like to do something like that one of these days!

  4. I'm a huge Little House fan too, I just checked out that website and love it; I've added it to my google reader! My sister-in-law has 2 tickets to the Little House musical show in Houston, she and told me I could go with her, I'm so excited!
    I know Kathy too and have been keeping up with her adoption story on her blog; her little girl is adorable and I love all the dresses & outfits she is sewing for her!

  5. Thinking of you! How sweet is James and the Kitty! He is growing!