Friday, October 9, 2009


Another dreary morning. I want my periwinkle October blue skies back please. We've been schooling and playing and housekeeping this week. Nothing too exciting, but that is OKAY with me. Any excitement around here usually means someone ends up with stitches. I wish I had something fun and witty to say, but I got nothing.
So here's some pics.

James is getting interested in costumes now, he doesn't really know anyone to dress up as. So he just puts on whatever he sees laying around.

Yesterday I was calling him to come and get a diaper change. He wouldn't come so I went looking for him. I stood by the couch looking at this lump and said, "James, where are you?" I heard this little voice from under the covers saying, "I'm not under here." Help me Rhonda, this child is too much.

Pappa Rooster, will you put these pictures in order for me? Pleeeease. Something is wrong here on my end. I tried doing what you said and what Rachel said in the comments. Thank you honey pie sugar!

Your Welcome....


  1. Wendy, are you being serious about the pictures? Just click on the HTML tab and cut and paste them where you want them. I am cracking up right now with you asking Mark to move them around. Bless your heart!

  2. I'm telling you Jill, I did the cut and paste and nothing happened!

  3. html tab? I'm so confused Jill! LOL...I always click on my pictures, and then cut and paste them that way.

    It's awfully frustrating blogging sometimes isn't it??

    Hope your blue skies come back. I don' expect any here til April.


  4. have a great weekend (and I hope you figure out the picture issue soon enough....I can't stand when I have technical difficulties, nothing is more frustrating!)

  5. CUTE! Thanks for sharing. It made me smile...funny!
    Blessings to you, Fine Linen

  6. It's still not working? I'm so sorry... wow. Maybe your computer has a vendetta against you.

    James is SOOOO adorable!!

  7. I can relate to James hiding with his diaper. The only thing worse is when they decide to do something about it themselves--and then you get to clean everything up!

    Sounds like you had a fun week!