Saturday, October 17, 2009


As of 5:00 pm yesterday I am officially in hibernation mode. It has turned chilly here and I am staying in. Except for a short trip to a certain store because I have heard they have Silly Bandz in and my daughter will not rest until some are hanging on her arm. And I can't rest until she stops talking about the silly things so out we will go.

Mark and the big boys are on a Scout camping trip and will not be in until lunch tomorrow. Abbie and I are planning on staying in and having some girl time. With James of course. He's just along for the ride. I have hot chocolate, a soft quilt, and a new Beverly Lewis book so I am good to go.

Yesterday I had two of my oldest friends, Corla and Rebekah~well I guess they are my oldest friends that I still have contact with~ over to visit. We laughed and talked and laughed some more. We have known each other since college and have been through the newlywed stage, the birthin 14 children between us stage, the "we got no money" and don't know how to pay the bills stage, and now the "we got no money" and all these children will be going to college in the future stage. And all the in-betweens. What a blessing they are. What a blessing that all our children are friends and play so well together. Because yesterday we pretty much sent them out and told them to get along and have fun.

One of the great things about having all these children is the built-in birthday party. Since everyone was here anyway I just got some cupcakes and there was Matt's birthday party. Easy peasy.

The girls all had a blast taking care of Rebekah's baby. The poor little thing didn't hardly get put down all day. Abbie looked like a natural holding him. She is getting good practice for when we get our baby girl! The one above is him saying, "Somebody help me, I'm tired of being a baby doll."

My mom came over Thursday afternoon and we had to get some pics of James all dressed up in his camo. He thought he was something else. I have been saving this since before he was born (someone had passed it down to us) and if fits him perfectly now. It will be warm this winter as he is playing outside. I guess I need to go to some kind of blog picture intervention school. Mark says I just need to be sweeter to him and then it will work for me.


  1. MamaHen,
    I haven't heard from you lately, and I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you!
    Can you email me with, so that I can email you?


  2. Hibernating sounds good to me, too. We're expecting our first frost tonight, brrr.

  3. A girl's night sounds so cozy!! Enjoy! And now all the better that Silly Bandz are involved!!! :)

  4. Glad you had fun with the girls! Stay in and stay warm. Hope you had some good luck with the bracelets!

  5. Thanks for hosting us! My kids so needed some of your family! I hope you are having a good evening and that the boys made it all back safely!