Friday, October 2, 2009

My Sister gave me this Honest Scrap award. (It has this cute little graphic I am supposed to display, but I don't know how. I used to know how to do this, but its late Friday afternoon and I can't barely remember my kid's names, much less this. ) Apparently the tiredness is making me type run-on sentences too.

I am supposed to think of 10 true things about myself and post them. Ya'll, I am so plain-Jane if you don't know it by now there is nothing to know. I'll try to think of something though...

1. I was on the dance line in high school and on the college dance line for one week. After I made the team they then told us we would have to pay around $400 just for our uniforms and pay for our own travel to the away games. I was like "no way, thank you though." I loved, loved, loved, the high school danceline though.

2. My favorite color is red, but I don't have red anywhere in my house. I tend to always pick out things that are sagey-green colors.

3. I really want to learn how to sew and embroider. And smock. I made one smocked dress for Abbie. She wore it, I took a picture, and then she took it off. The smocking was okay, but the dress was all messed up.

4. I was blessed to grow up knowing three great-grandparents. And three grandparents. I love to think about them and their lives.

5. In November we will have been in the process of adopting for one year and we still haven't agreed on a name.

6. I love to read and if there was a job that would pay me to read all day I would take it! Well, after the kids are out of the house.

7. My sweet hubby and I love to watch old tv seasons at night after the kids go to bed. We are currently watching MONK.

8. I have thick straight hair that does not dye well. After the last home dye job I did and then had to pay an unbelievable amount of money for a salon to fix it, I decided to go "all natural, all the time" from then on.

9. I love to thrift store shop. Makes my heart so happy.

10. My favorite food is anything Mexican.

See, told you I am plain-Jane. I am supposed to tag 10 people, but since I don't know how to do the little cute button I will just say, "If you are honest, then tell me ten things about yourself. " How's that Jill? If you decide to do it let me know in the comments so I can come and see. If you can't think of ten things just tell me one in the comments. I love to know about my internet-friends!


  1. Wendy, bless your heart. You just right-click the image and save it to your desktop. Then just add it to your post, just like you would a picture. Your list is great!

  2. Great list, Mama Hen. If I have any energy the rest of this weekend, I'll try to do this list too. :) For now, I need to put some kiddoes to bed. :)

  3. Check your local sewing store for lessons. That's how I learned how to smock. It's very fun and relaxing.

  4. I loved the danceline (or was it a kickline ?)too. I just started sewing and it is so fun and addicting. Maggie has so many dresses now and I don't know where she will wear them - we really stay at home all day ! We hope to travel to China in Nov or Dec. to get her.

  5. Love your list! I feel rather plain myself most days and often wonder why anyone would come and read my blog. Love how you love the color red but don't have it anywhere in your house. You know, it should go nicely with that other color you seem to have everywhere!
    How was your vacation???
    I love the footy pj's! My son, who is 12, still wants to wear them. I know, crazy, huh? ? Anyway, last year I was able to find this pair that barely fit but he insists.
    Enjoy your day.

  6. Hey! Where are you adopting from??

  7. Hi, I just saw the pictures from your vacation. Very nice. And if it was only for 2 1/2 days, it was still time away!!!! More than I got this year!

  8. Just calling over from Grace in Bloom. I've read here before but not commented. This post however, was a good way to learn a little about you, so thanks for having me!

  9. We have 8,9, and 10 in common! :o) Plus 2, only I have been trying to add touches of red in any area that I am allowed. :o) That requires creativity and I am a little slow in that area. :o)

  10. I am so with you on 1, 6, and 9. I loved my high school dance line. I could read, read, and read all day long myself. And there is nothing like the thirll of leaving the thirft store with bags and bags of great finds and paying only $20 (or less) for the outing.