Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Love Fall

I came home to wonderful cooler weather. Oh my goodness it feels so good outside. Do you think there would be a way to move all my inside chores to the outside? The golden rod is in full bloom in the pasture and the sky is such a pretty blue. After not seeing any green at the beach I love to come home to the green grass and trees. And did I mention it is cooler? I did? Well, I will be talking about that a lot more. Because I LOVE IT.
We had a fun surprise this morning. The boys were taking the trash out and they came flying in calling me to come outside. I went out and we found this.
A hot air balloon landed in the pasture next to us. It was so pretty against the blue sky. We all ran to the fence row to see what was happening. Apparently it was having some kind of trouble, but all the people inside were okay. I was still in my pjs so I didn't go over. We watched for awhile and then our neighbors went over to check it out.


  1. Hot air baloons are SO magnificent in the air!!

  2. what a beautiful sight! our town has a huge hot air balloon (and wine) festival every year and Hubs always takes the girls out early in the morning in their jammies to see the balloons. your trip looks so fun! glad you had a good time, with no fits :)