Saturday, November 21, 2009

How Much I Love My Sweet Hubby

Before I get to the point of how much I love my sweet hubby I will need to give you some background info. I live in a smallish community and although we now have a Publix and a Target nearby, the opening of a NEW store is very exciting for someone in our family. That would be Abbie.

You see, Abbie just doesn't look at shopping as shopping. It is a social occasion for her. An occasion to beg for things and to see people and talk to them. She loves to get to know the checkout ladies and talk with them (and beg for things). She is very serious about her transactions and handles it very maturely (after she begs some more). She loves to buy things and loves to talk so a new store is almost too much for her.

Enter the Piggly Wiggley (or the Hoggly Woggely as Mark calls it). Tuesday afternoon was the Grand Opening of the Piggly Wiggley in our town. Abbie and Matt have been excited for days. They would ask me to drive by and see if any signs were up to say when they were opening. They would talk about how the PW might be different than the old Food World. Matt really doesn't care about shopping, he just wanted to go into a store that actually called itself the Piggly Wiggley.

So Tuesday afternoon, after school and naps were finished we took off to The Pig. The three big kids had a plan. Tyler was to be the first Clark kid to use the bathroom in the PW. Matt was the first Clark kid to step INTO the PW, and Abbie was going to be the first Clark kid to step OUT of the PW. They actually discussed this and came to a conclusion without one fight or one cross word so I was impressed.

Mark had asked me for one thing though. He wanted a picture of the kiddos in front of the PW. I think he must have been testing to see if I was really going to be true to the Obey Vows in our weeding :) Because he knew how embarrassing it was going to be for me to stand in front of the PW and take a picture of the kids. You would have thought it was Disney World or something.

In all fairness, he would not have pressed it if I really didn't want to, but he thought it would be so funny, so off to the PW with kids and camera in tow. Ya'll, it was so crowded and I can't even imagine what all those people were thinking of me. But that's okay, Mark got his picture and that's how much I love him. He's my Sweet Hubby.


  1. YOU are a good wife!!!!

    I scrolled down through your posts...and the picture of your 3 yr. old with the peanut butter all over himself...hahahahahahahah, that's all I can say...toooo funny!

  2. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with being enamored by the Pig.

  3. I'd be all over that Piggly Wiggly if it were in my town! Cute post!

  4. Piggly Wiggly was our closest grocery store for the first 2 1/2 years we lived here. We have since gotten a Publix, but we still shop at the pig. We actually call it Piggely Wiggely, because that is what our daughter called it when she first started reading.

  5. That sure is true love :)
    Believe it or not I've never been in a Piggly Wiggly, they didn't have them in the town I grew up in. I have always wanted to go in one and ask them why in the world their store has such a silly name!

  6. LOL! That's crazy that the kids had that all worked out...what if he had not had to pee? Or did he purposefully save up?

    I shop at the Pig for almost all of my grocery shopping. Ours is very "community" feeling - I love it!

  7. How fun are you!? Hey, next time, stay where you are, but have the kids up closer to you- (see where all the space is in the foreground of the pic?) so you can see their faces! Perspective pics are fun! I like the ones where somebody is standing in the foreground and the other person backs up until it looks like from where you're standing, that back person is standing on the front person's hand?
    I hope all that made sense and you can have some fun with it ;o)

  8. LOL! What fun! PW is such the stereotypical Southern store! Our store of choice is Publix, but I have a store just outside my subdivision, whereas the closest PW is at least 20 minutes away.

    Thanks for the comment this morning! What an encouragement you are to me today! ;) Yes, 2/3 of the Trail's End popcorn delivered, only $3,030 worth of chocolates to think about!

  9. are you sure those are my kids or just some stray kids that happened to be lined in front of Hoggely Woggely.

  10. And exactly where are you all? Too funny! And technically you can say you do obey!! What did hubby say?? No Piggly Wiggly's up north here! Would love one!

  11. Oh, goodness I'm rolling on the floor laughing.This would be a big deal to us (me). We were so thrilled when a Dunham's store moved to town and a "department store" Peebles started up. Ah, the joys of small town life!

    To be honest, I get a real kick out of the name too.


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