Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Tree 2009, Part 2, by Pappa Rooster

Where was I, Oh yeah.

Matt was in the plum thicket and had cut down the tree. He had cried TIMBER and then nothing happened due to the large quantity of saw briers, honeysuckle and privet hedge holding the tree straight up and keeping it in the thicket.

Me: "Matt do you need some help?"

Matt: "Dad, I don’t need any help, this is my tree, I’m telling you I got this tree, now stop messing with me."

Me: "You got it Bub, but you are gonna have to cut those vines to get that tree out, and when you do drag it by the bottom of the trunk."

Matt: "I know. Get back over there. I’ll call you when I get out."

I went back to the swing and pushed Abbie and James on the swing. I could hear snarling, moaning, and wailing from the thicket. It sounded like he was at war with the thicket. I could see almost the entire thicket shaking. All this time Matt was getting bit by ants, but would not accept any help.

Finally with Herculean effort the trunk of the tree began to emerge from the thicket.

Matt: "Ok Dad, you can pull now if you want too."

Me: "You sure?"

Matt: "Dad, Your killing me here,come pull it out."

Me: "I thought this was your tree?"

Matt: "It is, now come over here and help me pull it out."

Me: "You got it kid."

I came over and pulled the tree free of the thicket,. You would have thought that Matt had just won an Olympic medal. He did his touchdown dance. He yelled and whooped. It was classic. I have no idea where he gets his personality, but you gotta love the kid.

Matt drug the tree half way to the house an then he was whupped. He had spent all his energy in the hand on branch warfare and now was willing to let Tyler help drag.

Once it was at the house I wanted to take their picture. As I was taking a few Abbie decided that she wanted to help cut the tree to length. As soon as Matt realized what was happening he had a conniption fit, and ended up running after Abbie as she ran with the saw. Much yelling ensued as I shouted, "Don't run with a saw in your hand!"

Matt measured the ceiling and went looking for a suitable base for the tree, our tree stand was too small to fit the trunk of the tree. We found a good bucket and decorated the tree.

Again to be continued.

***He ran out of time to finish, but we got the tree in the house and the kids began to decorate. James was so excited because "A tree Momma, a real tree IN THE HOUSE!!!!!" He could not stop saying it over and over. It was too cute.

Mark did the lights and then we sat on the loveseat and let them decorate the tree. I was hesitant to post this video because it shows the wilder side of my kiddos. They are not this loud ALL the time. I promise. They were hamming it up some for the pictures they thought Mark was taking. (They had no idea Mark was videoing them). They are all characters, that's for sure. - MamaHen


  1. I remember going with Mama, Daddy , Granddaddy and Granny to get our trees. We would ride way back in the woods and cut them down, then load them on the pickup. I would always get to sit in the back with the trees. These are memories the kids will never forget. Thank you, Mark and Wendy, for being such good parents to my wonderful grandchildren.

  2. He's a tough little fella for sure! That video looked like a lot of fun.

  3. What a memorable time! Sometimes, Jingle Bells is just best sung at the top of your lungs!!! I think it means your children were having an especially good time!
    Merry Christmas!!

  4. That was an AWESOME video! Gleeful loud noises are always appropriate! Unless Mama says be quiet, that is...

  5. Oh that Papa Rooster can tell a good story! I almost wet my britches!

  6. Thanks for sharing the rest of that story! Remember to keep those photos! What fun memories! :)